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  • Oh no dude come on I'm not mad at you at all. I understand I'm just mad at myself no one else. So don't worry about that dude. Were totally cool =] And I don't think I'm leaving so don't worry =]
    Nice, but isn't there a big risk when using two flying types since rock and ice are both common atks? Good that you have Blastoise for getting rid of SR. Actually, I've got an amazing Dragonite and Salamence. I was gonna make mono dragon too but I can't be as active. Now I'm thinking about mono water but I bet someone is doing that too. That's cool.that ur E4.
    I have been on everyday it's just that the last two times you sent me invites I was talking to friends about what we were gonna do the next night so I couldn't join. But I'll try to make time. If anything you should get on more you haven't been on for like 2 days lol Oh and I beasted on Fallout. Check out my achievements next time your on.
    Hey San just wanted to say hi. :3 Hey cause with my whole last post thingy, just do good on Team Advent with Serris. You should in my opinion, get a moderating position with him ^_^
    san u are the biggest BSr i all ready told u thanks u for sticking up for me, but then u start again.. dude i thought we were friends, and thanks to u i am now blocked. But it doesn't matter to me anymore, i guess it is for the best. Although u hate me in every way posable, i would like to wish u luck in everything you do.
    I know I know I remember the times we talked. He is right about every story having two sides but if you have proof that is completely different. I don't know how you could show me though.
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