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  • Sani, I know I haven't been on in ages, but I'm here now. You're probably one somewhere with dem hoes all over yer dick, and I wasn't here to wish you farewell like the proper gentleman I am.

    So goodbye, mother****er`, I love you.
    Lolz, there came *****'s instead of N I G G A lol... Just asknig wut you have done with your broskys :)
    Lolz, you're still on <333333 Are you on a chat... And guess wut... I'm back into competitive <3 Recently I have PO v2 so yeah... now I've got a new sweet rain team invented that will work pretty well I think :p
    Btw... Have you read the new news of the changes of B/W2??? Me... all... well, for competitive abuse but Thundurus-T is a real awesome guy, he works really well as lead and choice scarf abuser, I hardly recommend you this guy to use once or just Tornadus-T with life orb and hurricane and heat wave as combination... Also, sadly I've read that rain teams gonna be back in :( And rain is again the one who dominates himself to be surperior :( I think I had enough of rain teams but I just wanted to try another rain team wih B/W pokes so here I go!!!
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