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  • Man...!!! You just sew my profile pic yet!!! :O But yeah, didn't tell ya that and I think graigs mask is the coolest mask of all the 9 masks of the band. I LOVE SlipKnoT, it's amazing music, REALLY!!!
    So yeah... See ya!!! ;)
    Hey man, I still listen all the time to slipknot, so it's a great band, thank you again. :D
    Hey bro, this night I've checked a lot of slipknot musics, there all are good and I love them and btw check out my profile picture. You would like it. :p
    Yeah, thanks again btw. And I know Master of Puppits almost a year. I like the intro but the rest of the song I don't really like.
    See ya!!! :D
    WOW WOW AND AGAIN WOW!!! Just listed to slipknot for the first time.
    I THANK YOU REALLY MUCH MAN!!!! Thanks, it's awsome. slipknot- psychosocial. Gonna listen this all night. :D
    Thanks and see ya!!! :p
    What!!! :D You like to metal!!! :D That's AMAZING man. :D
    Didn't knew slipknot yet, but the bands I like and I know: Drowning Pool, Disturbed, system of a dow, ozzy osbourne, metallica (cyanide), megadeth, Nirvana, Artic monkeys (Brainstorm), ...
    So that's what I like and is my genre. :D
    Cool that I met you and that you are in my clan. :D
    See ya!!! :D
    Hello fellow brother. I'm also a BurningEarth member. If you need some help, tell me.
    And are you a metal fan, cause I am.
    See ya!!! :D
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