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  • yeh nig.

    anyways how you been? I've seen yer bro on and asked him to drag your *** online but he didnt answer :L get on PM chat!
    Wow... that looks really sweet!!! Did you went to the great barrier rif? (smirk) And did you had sex??? xD *pussy* That looks sweet, altough, I don't want to have sex at my age but later... (smirk)
    I would like to surf to once, but I can't and you can't do it in Belgium I think... Well, I'm glad you had a good time! :)
    Lol, that was sooo unexpecting :p Happy you're back... wut have you all done in your awesome summer brosky? :) And I suck as usual =_=
    │▒│ /▒/
    │▒ /▒/─┬─┐
    │▒│▒|▒│▒│ Sanitarium is currently taking a break from this ****.
    ┌┴─┴─┐-┘─┘ Leave your massage here: stupid question, sorry. I hope you will get a good life. You were a cool, good guy, I'm pretty much also sick of this ****, just hope you get a *______
    └┐▒▒▒▒▒▒┌┘happy life, cya my friend :)
    I know!!! (rolling)(rolling)(rolling) And it's Silver's clan, I just help him :3
    *Spikes = good <33333333333 ; lolnope :p* :3
    And I just had mah exam of Music "theory and dictee" AND IT WENT GOOD!!! <333333 Hopefully I will pass :3 (cuz mah teacher and me hates each other so he will try to F*CK me so I could double mah year D: ;That's just real life...) Anywayz, love ya Sani :3 And FOXY IS BACK!!! :D :D :D ^
    It'z sweet that u came back and thank me :3 Thanks and no, it'z mah 16 xDDDD Anyways, thanks and it'z today :p
    Hahaha xDDDD Don't let me laugh buddy xD But anywayzzz, I've defeated him in 1 TIME WITH EASE a few days ago and dude... I've played HG a couple of times out and I remember that when I first challenged claire and blue that I lost but the other times I was prepared and ***** their pokes as revanche!!! MWHAHAHAHA!!!! ;P
    See Ya!!! ;P
    Lolzyeah :p Don't you remember that it'z like the other way??? (sneaky look :p ) But wy is everyohne off today??? :( btw, I'm playing HG, now I'm battling against blaine the fire gym leader, after that, I'm going to defeat bue :p
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