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  • xDDDD Yes and no... xDDDD I had some sweet ideas for "Dope Town" and it were almost the same as yours :p But becuz I knew that nobody's gonna think I'm serious if I choose dope town, I choosed for a remake of mah old clan on mah way ^ But here are the ideas of "Dope Town" that I wrote once down :p :
    Dang it, I haven't found them anymore :( But anywayz, I've got still the mind (smirk) :p *WORK YOU STUPID OLD BRAINS :p* So... Idonno but I had 3 divisions... One of them was water (I think the main div with me :p) The highest rank was magikarp and **** :p wut I would What I would have wrote down: YES!!! You did it!!! You're the almighy fish of the sea!!! You can even learn the BEAZTY move "splash"!!! :D GOOD JOB!!! :p
    The second division was "flying" :p I called this division the "skycrappers" The highest rank was (I think) latios or latias and I would have wrote down: "YES!!! You did it!!! :D You can finally catch up your own **** when you crap in the sky!!! :D GOOD JOB!!!" ^
    Unfortuanly Idonno anymore wut the 3 was :( But it was prob to pretty epic :p OW NO!!! It wazs normal!!! xDDDD Ow yeah, becuz normal is soooo stupid xDDDD Ow no, this was the main division with me :p And the leader rank (me) would have "DUSTBUSTER" (=furret) *check out thekillernacho* becuz he's the epic cuteness and he's alwayz on dope with some freaky hippies :p :p :p

    And that was "Dope Town"!!! :p AND LOLZ, you're ideas were also pretty good :p But nah, I'm gonna call it "BURNING SKY" :p And is foxy really travelling??? o_O cuz it'z like ages and me miss him :l Or... is he studying??? Cuz idonno, foxy is pretty smart and **** so yeah :p
    See Ya!!! ;P
    So... did you think "Burning Sky" is a good idea??? have you read the history yet??? :l
    AND ME MISS FOXY!!! ;-; Maybe if he come back I want him next to me if I would have a clan :p

    But then again, I only did that since I was told Tails was gonna leave, and made a massive mistake listening to Shadow.

    And, I'm making a new clan, learning from my mistakes. Which means, being a bit more serious.
    San San bro!!! ^^ :3 Thanks and I got 3 characters to say:
    - L
    - O
    - L
    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :p
    And lolz, I'm sorry that I "spammed" your page... (I think it'z not SPAM cuz it was an answer to your questions/answers). But sorry bro... but it couldn't be on one reply cuz it had like 2200 characters and you can only have 2000 in one message so sorry but couldn't help it :l
    And now bout the numbers...:
    1. LOLZ, but don't worry, there are alwayz stalkers... :3 (Like me when I sneaky go to your garden ;P LOLNOPEZ :p)!!!
    2. Lolz, yeah ikr ;P
    3. I thikn it'z pretty much the same thing :l "lazy ***" and "u're lazy" but who bothers that??? ;D
    4. I told ya before that I'm white and not black... and isn't that a racist word??? <.< But ohwell, black peeps don't go friendly with me... :l (except one which I knew and all the others I didn't know so actu I can't say if there friendly or not but that who I knew was friendly :3 ) LOLZ
    5. Yeah!!! ;P
    Lolz, "part 2 (holy ****, it continues..)" XD XD XD ikr :3
    I know that I'm thinking it'z ease when it'z not but I just (maybe) gonna try :l And do you know someone where I can get art??? :l Cuz I need mah front page banner for BS :l (and have you read the history now *you can find it in Darth and me'z conversation* or do you still think making a clan called "Burning Sky" is bad??? :l )
    See YA!!! ;P
    Part 1: clan
    YOU SCRUFFY BOTHAN SPY!!! "-.- GOD!!! I hate those... that freaking spys of SWBF2 BFX alwayz try to kill me silently... -_- <_< YOU'RE JUST LIKE THEM!!! Sneaky reading our conversation... "-.- and now of your ideas...:
    1) BECAUSE YOU'RE A SPY... you would prob know why I would call it BS (Burning Sky) ... WHEN YOU WOULD HAVE READ THE "HISTRORY" OF BURNING SKY!!! -___________-
    2) kk, I agree... I will change my mind of it... good tip ;)
    3) -____________- "lazy ***"??? -________________- Screw you... You've never saw me working!!!
    4) I know how to battle... -_- I'm only not such a NERD like you all who spend his hole life with some stupid pokes who tries to kill you when you're assleep... -_- ALSO... wy does a leader need to learn battle??? LEADING is something that doesn't compare with pokemon (on serebii a little becuz it'z a pokeomn site). But I know how to battle and I'm not bad!!! When you CAN lead you have to be A LEADER!!! like Obama... And yeah!!! I KNOW THAT I'M NOT EL GORE but... a leader just need to find the peeps their attention and LEAD them to something good...!!! DON'T UNDERESTIMATE ME SANI BOYZ!!! -_-
    5) That's pretty much a problem... "be patient" ... Everyone knows that I'm NOT patient so that'z something negative about me being leader BUT... I've got a HOLE lot of other things who can help me to LEAD a clan!!!
    Part 2: clan
    Above all... u all underestimates me....; you think leading a clan on a forum is hard??? The president of the USA would think it'z nothing!!! ... it would be like raisinng 1 gram salt!!!; Thanks again for all your help altough... I just knew that I'm standing alone to prove everyone that I can do something so thanks for the GL cuz I will need it and maybe it will take a while before I open it... :l I'm not sure yet about it cuz like darth said... it needs a lot of responsability AND OFC (what he didn't say) MAH PRECIOUS TIME!!! But I will go for it to prove some dumb-***es THAT I'M CAPABLE OF DOING IT!!!
    At last... F***!!! It'z 21:20 PM in da hood and I still need to read like 80 PAGES in a FRENCH BOOK!!! (rolling) I'm sooo screwed!!! Altough it'z little and quick to read but... I read very slowly AND IT'Z F****** FRENCH!!! (rolling)
    See Ya!!! ;P
    Lolz, but I already have an Obamasnow :p (but I was wondering if I would go for the set you gave me or the choice band set :l ) And bro, I know that that Articuno is sexy as HELL and that it gets ******* and hurt with offens threats but I just gonna try this set... :/ I will test it on PO but first I must ofc re-install PO cuz I've a new comp. And what do you think of regice??? :l It'z like the best sp. def wall in the hole metagame??? :l
    Lolnope, articuno is like mah fav bird (except if you can tell that mence and rayquaza are birds)... but anywayzzz, here's the set (I was thinking) 4 Articuno...:
    ARTICUNO, leftovers
    Snow cloak
    (I don't know yet about the nature and EV's so yeah... :l)
    - Blizzard
    - Roost
    - Substitute
    - Toxic
    This is the xat!!! ^ and btw, about your last message... how did you got that smiley in point "3"??? :3 I think it'z pretty sweet :p
    And remember that articuno has support with hail so blizzard has 100% accur and with snow cloak it can stall even more easy xPPPP
    How many recolors can I request at one time? Cuz I'm thinking of asking for some more recolors of my dragon... you made Darkfire look even cooler then she is now!
    First of all... it'z a defensive bird... =.=
    Second, I knew that I needed to put a rapid spinner in mah team cuz I've a def (stall) and a hail (with lots of ICE TYPE!!! -_- which have 2x effect against rock) team. :l I wasn't looking yet for RSenners and Idonno bout TS... :l but thankxxx anwyazzz :3
    Third, I'm tot not stupid and I don't need help, I appreciate your help BUT I ****** HATE IT WHEN PEEPS THINK I'M DUMB!!! (sorry, nothing personal but I really do appreciate your help) and didn't I told ya that I don't need help (yet)?
    Last thing... thanks for your help SANSAN but don't need it AND THANKS FOR THE LUCARIO!!! :D ^
    Lolz xDDDD But dude, most of the time when I make a team than it'z OFTEN a GREAT TEAM!!! Like the team you hate so much xPPPP LOLZ, but I don't need help yet and thanks ^^ I've already Obamasnow, Froslass and articuno in da team, I'm thinkking of now putting non-type pokes in the team and froslass is sub-para-hail thing and articuno is with the DW ability and with toxic, sub and roost (prob tooo blizzard) :p cya :p
    Hey sansan <333333333333333 Can you make me an aura (blue) banner of lucario like the haxorus one??? :3
    (lolz, making an ice team :p )
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