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Recent content by Santaria

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    Trying to get used to this place. XD You?

    Trying to get used to this place. XD You?
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    Why hello there~

    Why hello there~
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    Sibling Points of Views

    I'm oldest of three children, and let me tell you, NOT easy. My parents expect me to take care of them, do whatever they want, etc. I'm not saying being the youngest sibling is a trip to the ice cream truck, but being older isn't much more fun either.
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    I think shops should be shut down if they are caught Selling a R Rated Title to kids

    I see this problem come up a lot. Stores are selling "minors" mature games that shouldn't be sold to them. Honestly, it won't stop. Many people just don't understand that rated R games are meant for more mature audiences.
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    GTS Connectivity Issues

    Ah, don't worry. My DS used to do that a lot. I sent it in to Nintendo and it turns out that there was some error on my DS that wasn't compatible with my router. They fixed it up and sent it back.
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    New Areas'/Buildings' in Johto/Kanto Speculation x)

    I'm pretty sure that building that's west of Cianwood is the GTS. That's an easy area to place it, and so far, there's not much else that building could be.
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    Heeeeey Guys

    Hi everyone! I'm Santaria/Kimberly. Some of you possibly know me at the PokeCommunity as Santaria also. XD I'm pretty good friends with some people that I'm sure you know here, such as Erik Destler and bobandbill. Hopefully I'll have many more friends to come! So anyways, I'm sure I'll...