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  • hey saph do you have access to oras as well as I need your ign for your game if you do I know your wfc its in your sig but i was wondering if you have oras yet? I need the info for the league. I have you closed in my ready post until your ready if your not.
    Yeah I'm available most nights, I just figured I'd be too lazy to build a team. Does any time on Thursday or Friday night work for you?
    Hey we're opponents for the Anti-Items Tournament. Deadline info was already VM'd to you by Zero I guess. Are you available to battle at 8:00 PM GMT -5 EST on Saturday?
    The brackets have been posted for the Anti-Items Tournament. You'll have 10 days to completely round one, due to the holiday I've extended the deadline by 3 days, but the last 3 rounds will last the typical 7 days.

    Round One Deadline: January-08-2015 12:00am Central Time GMT - 06:00

    Happy New Year's
    That sounds a lot better. Do remember they no one team is going to beat everything, thought, but that's beside the point rn.
    "Just because you're bad at teambuilding doesn't mean a pokemon should be banned."

    I don't mean to be rude, but this is really arrogant. In all honestly, I doubt anyone can deny that Greninja massively influences teambuilding in a negative way, particularly for HO and Balance.
    Gonna be on the main server. Gotta wait a sec though as my laptop battery died and I gotta turn it on again.
    Hey man. When can you battle for the teambuilding tourney? I'll be available for the next hour or two. After that I'll be available on Sunday night.
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