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  • I find it entertaining that you guys are arguing with someone who is arguing with themselves lol. Don't see a reason to defend Manaphy unless you've never seen that thing sweep from the 3rd turn of the game
    I like people like Alex Ozogla (or something like that) and Cybertron (or something like that :s )
    Yeah, it basically meant that one condition of losing, decking out, wouldn't be possible no more
    O yeah I meant Doubles :s I like doubles more anyways, and FFA's
    Wait, that is like 1 crit per two turns I guess...
    Or you Mega and it's not scrappy anymore.

    Mewtwo EX is amazing as well, I like to run Manectric EX/ Yveltal EX, also a deck frequently seen.
    Night March has lost it's viability due to the banning of Lysandre's trump card, since it relied on burning through your deck and then getting everything back again
    Wow, never knew it was that good. I realised that Huge Power was a huge threat, but never that it could 2HKO almost everything. Why isn't it featured on many teams of people that play on battle spot on youtube then? They prefer to run Aegislash and another Mega as far as I am understanding their teams.
    Scrappy Fake Out is a nightmare, and I never realised that it has two chances to crit. Ugh, there is so many good Pokémon, but unfortunatly Swalot is not one of them...

    Mega cards require you to either skip an attack in order to Mega evolve, or you'd have to give them an item to not have to skip the turn, but I'd mean you can't add something like Muscle Band to it, and you'd have to put it in your deck if you'd want to use it, meaning there is less room for other cards. And it's not that Mega's are too outstanding. apart from some like no Retreat Cost Mega Manectric, with an Insane attack that does 110 for only 2 energy and lets you attach 2 energy from your sicard pile to one of your Pokémon.
    I get Mega Ray, but Mega Maw and Mega Khan can't be too bad right? I know Mega Maw is strong, but not gamebreaking like Mega Gengar and Mega Gard.
    And I think most of those are 'rather easy' to check anyways ;)
    There is a new Stadium Card, and multiple other cards like ''Drawpower''-ability Shaymin EX and 2 M-Rayquaza EXs, although they aren't too strong
    Scald? I'd never see a reason why that should be banned. 30% Burn Accuracy is all that great, and it doesn't have too much Base Power IMO.
    It's not that big of a deal to run I think, not sure though. Roaring Skies has brought 6 Bench Pokemon, and all the other things, I can't think of right now...
    Not OP, it's rather that I am not OP enough myself...
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