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  • Really, what hasn't been banned then (on Smogon right?)
    Ah, TCG screwed up with Roaring Skies IMO, although, if you want to get in TCG, you should use the TCGO on your computer, it is quite cool.
    Lol, I meant Mega Kangaskhan, or is he already banned?
    The only thing I know is banned is Lysandre's Trump Card in the TCG
    I'll search for it right now!
    Hurray for Written Tasks and Test Weeks
    MH4U doesn't ring a bell for me, what is it?

    Is Lando-I banned? Never knew that, although it is quite logical. It's only a matter of time till Kangaskhan gets banned as well. And Mega Swalot too

    Not much really, school assignments mostly, but now it is almost vacation!
    They don't know what its for xD the only one who would really care at the moment is Lynx since hes the only active challenger, and knowing him he'd kick my booty whether he knew or not :p
    I'm ready to battle now if you are. I'm on PS now doing some more practice battles, but my name there is the same here.
    I'm gonna have fun once I learn how to break down coding. It's amazing the content left out in some game titles!
    Glitches like that are the best. Sometimes I wonder if some programmers leave things like that in games on purpose.
    Oh wow! So THAT's how people broke the game and found all of those things. Wish I knew this a long time ago. xD
    Nothing wrong with Nintendo but they've gotten lazy. What do I mean? This is nintendos ways nowadays: Shiz out the 3 same games forever! That is; Pokemon, Zelda, Mario. It got boring untell Xenoblade X and STARFOX ZERO GOT ANNOUNCED! Now a new F-zero and Mother 4/Earthbound 2 game. Please? Ok Pokken Tournament was original and hype also.
    Cool. I'm getting back into Nintendo stuff. I'm getting into Xenoblade series so I'm just playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3D. Getting a Wii U and Xenoblade X/2 next year.
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