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  • I like it so far, it's just a bit confusing.

    But then again, so was here back in my newb days in July last year.

    I'm glad they make people to a quiz, to cut down on spammers.
    well try Ebay or amzon.

    and yeah okay I understand. good luck with your school work.

    and yeah I beat Richer and well I Hi ogui Lloyd and Kill Marta by mistake and got the bad ending. :(
    well we Got ToV but that only on XBox which I don't have and great.

    and btw are you going to remake the club because I will help if you like.

    yeah they look like ToA ones but yeah they really good.

    I though one all attacking spell but I wish there was a ingation thing you can give to make them learn the ingation spell.
    yeah sorry about that just that it rare that a Tales of Game get release here.

    I good. taking a break from the Wii.

    btw got three sword dancers.
    I want to say sorry for Spaming about ToS2 jsut it was too long that we got a tales game.

    hope you can forgive me.
    up to after the first boss battle in chapter 7.

    Emil 47
    Marta 45
    Sword dancer 17(I think.)
    Frenier (big ice dog) 73
    and some other monster I think

    and my highest combo is 65 in the first chapter 7 boss battle. Thanks to Sword dance and Frenier and Hi ogui which kill him nearly. (he had about 5 hp left.) lol I did over 20000 damage (about 25739) damage.

    what about you how life for you.
    hi anyway I up to the lighting temple and I got a lv 26 Crusader.

    my team atm is.

    Emil 42
    Marta 40
    Frenier 63
    some random monster
    Crusader lv 26
    okay you told me this before but when can I get Dullahan?

    I got the bloody cloth from ghost type enemy and I think I got a strong bone.

    anyway yeah I up to tiret.
    yeah but when can I get the first monster to get Sword dancer?

    and dose it matter if Lloyd get the cores before Emil party or do I miss out on the ability from the cores?
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