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  • XD You little punk *mocks you again* (ouch! Grabs a knife and stabs the pillow laughing* 8D) *sticks tongue at her, looking for attention* (XP) You did it! And who you are to tell me not to complain! *softly slaps her hand* Stop it! And stop smiling too! *
    *grabs another feather for double punishment* sorry! *ouch!! Take it easy squirtle! You really have a hard but empty head! (hehe! :p)
    “Jerk” *mimics her* (sure… sure… :p) blah blah! Who cares *pouts again*
    *pulls out a $1M check* ok, what did you say? You’re my senpai ^^ (that’s not a reason, you are gross!!!, next time sneeze somewhere else) mhmhmm mmm mmmm [you are evil!!!]
    Oops! Sorry! Dollar store lighter :p *gives her torch instead* (np ^^) ewwww! Hey! don’t do that! I hate ketchup! *takes some from his face and spreads it on yours* whateva!!! XP
    ---- (deleted)
    ^^ Thanks! (hehe! Well… I can’t avoid beings serious too :D I’m mischievous! Thanks! And you too, lol :p) *laughs because you still received it knowing I’m a “jerk” lol* ^^
    *stares at her wondering why she acts like a 5 y.o. girl, lol* you are weird… :s
    “Thanks” :/ “I didn’t noticed it” …Oh! No problem :) Studies are a pain, sorry to hear that about your professor, what’s the problem with him/her? It’s ok ^^ Take your time… eh! You were :p but it’s better to take it out rather than keeping it inside. :)
    (What is it? xD)

    Arsen then found a training kit, especially for mature Pokémon, He grabbed it and inspected it. "This would be useful to him..."
    1 *blinks* jerk? (but you still play with me, lol) *smiles* don’t you know the word: sarcasm? Pssh! You wish you were! Who is senpai? The person tying people other to her chair for attention? Lol. *crosses arms* not dancing just to please you! *sticks tongue* force me to do it!
    2 No.. nothing *sweats and blushes* *doesn’t understand why she huffs now* what you don’t want me to ruin? *starts crawling backwards to scape but stops looking at her eyes* (thanks!) (like this one? *blinks*) *babbles* you…I…*blushes more and tries to hold her hand* …Just buy new clothes and take a shower! You are too old to know how to use a soap! >.< *smiles* seriously, it sounded like a wish! Muahaha!
    3 *grunts* (right now! *jumps trying to catch you*)
    4 *doesn’t care* *stares at his wound but feels better* thanks! ^^ wait a minute… what???
    5 (ok! :p) *grabs electric guitar* I’m going to tie you to your dear chair and make you listen to me!! *chases her* (*wonders what music she likes* You little!!)
    6 *feels scared* towels? *shoves towel* what is this about? :s (and I’m cute! :3)
    7 *jumps and hold your ankle* gotcha! @_@ (thanks ^^) *grabs rope and tries to tie your hands*
    (1) *mocks you* :D (yes, it does ;) lol)
    1 Which one? Yours? 8D *grabs giant trashcan lid and retreats* If they are soft then try them on yourself XP
    2 *smiles* aww poor baby! *chops a bunch of hair (like Serena)* yessss, I do! *holds the bunch of hair and puts it on your face like a moustache* hey! You look nice! I need more hair…
    3 little angel? Yes! Of course ^^ thanks! Hehe! You squeal like one! *pinches your arm* do it again! Please! @_@
    4 hmm… shows a delicious chocolate cake* what about dropping it for this? *blinks* you little… *grunts* funny…
    5 (Mm-hm what? *_*) *pouts* well, I’m doing it now! *glares* ok… *pats you back* this is affection too! Lol *shivers* I don’t like it when people walk behind me! *smart answer, lol~* (you are as cute as evil *blinks*) I’m so mad now!! *screams*
    6 *whistles* ah? Nothing! *goes after her* yeah, then I’m going to make you laugh *grabs feather chasing her*
    7 *wonders if that makes sense* (Thanks :3) (*crosses arms and turns face* huh!* heeelp! Well, make the eyes very shiny! 8D)
    8 ok! If you tell me to shut up then I won’t tell you *women, who understands them…* what’s the matter? Are you a Dedenne now? Lol ok… party pooper Octillery, come back… ouch! No more fish! Octillery! She wants more slime! *Octillery sits on your hair again* enjoy~
    9 You are crazy!!! :s
    *smiles enjoying the show* (what now? *shrughs*) *”laughs” at you “funny” answer* X( (nope!) so? *stares* you did it, not me XP I don’t buy that innocent smile either *keeps resisting getting up*
    *hold your hand and tickles it with feather* sorry, I can’r hear you, your laughs are too loud 8D (yes! It is! :D)
    *dances and enjoys victory* *blows kiss* I’m so happy! ^^ (your eyes disagree with you, lol) *pouts and then smiles* That’s what you say! XP
    *holds you* you won’t need a job after I’m done with ya! 8D (the only gross thing was you sneezing on my face! Gross! X( ) *taps at the tapping hand that tapped mine* “shut up” bleh bleh!
    *gives you a lighter to join the show* ^^ (lol! That was funny!) hey! watch your hand! *flick it smiling at you* 8D
    Both, rational debates are conversations too :D *XP* [ok, I’ll PM you]
    No problem Sapph ^^ always here to help! (it’s ok, I expected to have this kind of chat with you too, lol! Again, no problem ^^) *gives you another lollipop for staying silent*
    Ok, sorry for tickling you :s *flicks your arm* better? XD
    Hey! I’m going to miss you :( but I understand you have to carry a lot on your shoulders :) good luck with your studies and other duties! ^^
    *grabs cake and throws it on your face* (now laugh :p) That;s what you say XP (hate ya! XP) *turns green* ew!!! I don’t want to know more *shivers* don’t poke meh! *stares at you with a quasi dirty look*
    *grabs feather and continues the work* XD it’s up to you, release the umbrella or I’ll tickle you worse than Elmo (which is creepy :s)
    I have no money! I don’t care, sue me XP (eh… tofu? :p) it’s a cruel joke *shows you his cute shiny eyes begging you for mercy*
    Nope, you have been playing the whole morning, we can play more…(Yukari’s death scene, sick and shocking scene! :p but you won’t do that to me, no?) *taps your forehead* ok, mom!
    *smiles and pours gas on top of the burning books* (nope! No way! If you were, I’d quit! :p) *pours ketchup on your hand* :D (yeah!)
    Don’t worry, sometimes my little brain demands deeper explanations. *ok ^^* You are right, some people need an external trigger to ignite their motivation, I feel you are trapped in your house and you fear going out and meeting nice people (for family or personal circumstances), if this is true, embrace an activity that will make you feel HAPPY and not with a bittersweet feeling. From all this time I interact with you, I can tell your quality is being energetic, focus your energy in something that can help you to face reality, not to avoid it… I was in your same situation years ago and decided to do 2 things: 1)look for positive friends and 2) if I saw someone sad, I’d help that person to strength my confidence and realize I have a value as a person :) (sorry for sounding intrusive, I just tend to worry too much for my friends) *lol, lollipops are the best way to make kids happy* ^^ lol, I know :p I tickled you because you swatted at my hands X(
    Yoi yume o Sapph ^^
    1 *blinks* call me whatever you want! Grrr!! *stares at you with glowing eyes* sure my senpai, I can’t live without you *sighs* sure, sure…you wish you were *covers head in fetal position* stop it! What do you want from me?? *growls*
    2 I can’t move :s *feels confused at her presence* the world is an open and close book at the same time~ (yeah! but still great ^^) (you are humble :p *thinks on a proper yet interesting answer* *starts to fall asleep* grrr!! What’s wrong about paint on clothes? You can wash them, no big deal… well, then I can play with your hair more ^^ *laughs sarcastically* Funny eh?
    3 *stares* (stop playing games missy, I can deal with you with no help *sticks tongue*)
    4 *thinks that smile is vicious rather than angelic* :s *doesn’t move* *wonders why she takes care of me if she’s a torturer :s*
    5 (>< sorry!) ouch! *chases her with a rattle* come here bad baby!!! I do because whoever dislikes metal becomes my target! They have to suffer!! *shows teeth* (grrrrrr!!!)
    6 “thanks” *glares and shivers* what’s going on here!? Why don’t you treat me like a little cute sheep? :3 *laughs celebrating her anger*
    7 *runs toward you* noooo! (well, I sometimes do *blinks*) no my dear, I won’t kill you, I’m just returning the torture favour…mauaha! ]:)
    Arsen then decided to get the plushie. He was done with Emerald's gift, now is it Zeel's present's turn to show up towards his trainer. He looked around to find something interesting for his, strong Pokémon. He dislikes toys, he was more interested into tools which can make him stronger. Arsen arrived in the section of the store where training "toys" and other training supplies were sold. He was still looking around, not knowing what to get for him.
    (1) ok, whatever makes you happy ^^ (sure, sure… yes! You said so! *dances and feels happy* ^^)
    1 No thanks, I hate acting, I’m a natural person XP *nods* ok…*thinks you lost it* *I told you, they are hard* *whistles avoiding answering*
    2 *Holds other hand* I’m just playing (muahaha) *bumps forehead with yours* @_@ *shows knife*
    3 you little spoiled hamster! Stop it! *pinches her tongue*
    4 *drops hammer* grrr, give me that gun, or else… I don’t know!!! *gets mental* don’t shoot meeeeee *jumps to grab that gun* (haha! ^^)
    5 (what? Never? =_=) Nope, you have to give me 4 more! (duh!) *don’t pat me, I’m not your pet* no, I wont, you are cruel! *wonder what the heck that button came from* (*grunts because she’s playing innocent again, bleh!* ) you bad!!! *infuriates* is that all? I’m gonna…
    6 you little… *tries to grab her* you are funny, eh?
    7 not when the person is bitter herself *sticks tongue* (I know :p) (ok, then I won’t touch you! *pouts* hey! no pictures! *drops rattle* You’re invading my privacy!)
    8 “I don't have to tell you” *mimics her chicken dancing* you??? *lols for 2 minutes crying* that’s a good one XD *Octillery sits on your hair, making it slimy* ^^ *enjoys the moment* (well, I’m not easy to catch! next time eat your vegetables *giggles*)
    9 *wonders where’s the hidden camera, what she says can’t be real* XP
    Arsen laughed a bit and walked into the gift shop.

    The gift shop was filled with different kind of gifts. Pluchies, toys, snacks, drinks, everything a Pokémon or human would want! While Arsen was observing the store, he looked around for a perfect gift. "Hey Caterpie, you may look around yourself if you want. Just squeal if you see something you want, all right?" he said, then he put Caterpie on the ground. The trainer saw with the corner of his right eye a Sableye plushie. Not a regular one, a Mega Sableye one, with princess clothes. Arsen started to think, wondering if Emerald would like that... He then took a closer look at the plushie, noticing the ruby of it is made of a combination of glass and plastic, dyed in the colour of the ruby.
    (funny you) :p *pops eyes* (this woman is crazy, why I had to ask that obvious question…) O.O but it, it’s cheap! XD (“thanks”) because you snort as lot! *resists getting up* :’’(
    *same here, lol* *tickles more* :D *tickles more* get rid of that ugly umbrella too!
    Psh! What are you going to do about it? Bleh! (eww, you are mean! X( ) *laughs* tortured you? what is this a joke? *laughs more* XD
    *gets closer* @_@ come here little one… do you want to play??? (you are crazy, an umbrella? Really? Oh my!) Yes, you do! *tries to bite hand*
    Alright! ^^ thanks prof! *burns English books* (*sticks tongue* you are not my boss! Meh!) *flicks hand* (nah!)
    *stares with attention* Both, the way how you word things call my inner philosopher, who is 100% insightful. *feels dumb* well, it happens too, but on the long term the other person, animal…or bug (lol) can feel tired of always being the one loving. That’s why the first person you have to love is yourself (confidence, optimism, etc) *gives you lollipop* ^^ thanks for taking my advice or my inner Mr. Hyde would chase you jk! :p hey! why do you that to my hands? I just sat down to listen to you! :s
    Arigatou, Sapph-san ^^ *bows*
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