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Sapphire Sapphirine
Last Activity:
Apr 7, 2020
Jan 7, 2009
Likes Received:
February 2
My ever-changing imagination~

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Sapphire Sapphirine

~Melodist Melody~, from My ever-changing imagination~

Sapphire Sapphirine was last seen:
Apr 7, 2020
    1. Plusle+Minun
      ...thanks! lol. Sorry, I didn't see you message...-_-;

      I got a DSi! I'm battling myself now...XD
    2. IcyRose
      Yeah, sometimes.


      True, true.

      Really? Lucky you! I love Horses, but I've never actually ridden one. Too scared.
      Ugh, poo. But it's worth it, right?

      Hey, do I have permission to use Cascade in a drawing for P+M's b-day? It's actually today, but I can finish it in time.
    3. Plusle+Minun
      XD Ah, maybe not.

      I meant the timezone problem, but take it as you will. XP

    4. Plusle+Minun
      If only we could all live in Europe or something...

      It makes me really want to be active and not passive.
    5. Plusle+Minun
      ^^ They're native to Turkey...

      I would be too...and then I think about how Jun and Kuriboh have it...
    6. Plusle+Minun
      XD Hey, it was a nice notion...-_-;

      lol. I've never really seen them...but...they're pretty. lol

      Sorry about the rpg...
    7. Plusle+Minun

      Tenkyu. lol my brother had a sort of issue with wishing early birthdays, but once I told him that Andrew did it three weeks in advance he kinda shut up. lol

      :D I ahd fun as usual. My brother painted my favourite flowers for my birthday, Bells of Ireland...
    8. Plusle+Minun
      God save you. lol >.< Spiders eat flies though...?

      Rainy. Plus my brother is yelling something. Aiya...I'm also going to art class in a few minutes...yay. And my birthday is in two days...:DDD
    9. Plusle+Minun

      omg i do too...;-;

      ;-; I feel sorry. DIE SPIDER!!!!!!!!!11!!!
    10. Plusle+Minun
      lol Still...it seems rather uncomfortable.

      So, how are you on this...."Fine Spring Day"?
    11. Plusle+Minun
      XD Big puffy stuff.

      &_______ tenkyu


    12. Plusle+Minun
      Well, we would have to adjuct for inflation...


      >.> Icy once was talking to me at four in the morning...got four hours of sleep...

      z-z ah well. I'll help my brother with DragonFable then. And write. ^^
    13. Plusle+Minun
      XD ^^ Yep. True that.


      =.= Yeah, I always get up early...

      ^^ Yup. I daresay I won't be moving from this spot for a while. ^^
    14. Plusle+Minun
      It changes. >:P Two years ago, it was one for seven. In Canadian (but now they're roughly worth the same anyway, the US and Canadian dollar...)


      XD Aw, I missed it by a few minutes...for you. Still got two hours here. lol

      If you're wondering what I'm doing on a Friday, the answer is "May Long Weekend".
    15. Plusle+Minun
      XD THe thing to remember in times like this is that one dollar is six RMB. :D

      ._. You do that...

    16. Plusle+Minun
      Also, when you cross the street, you must be ten times more careful, cars dun wait for pedestrians.

      XD It's nice to know someone can appreciate it. :3

      Yep...^^ Yes i'm back on for two seconds. *o*
    17. Plusle+Minun
      Yeah. Except the traffic doesn't wait for you lol.
      XD Aw, thanks. :3 I'll try and get on too, anyway.

      =.= ah well. It did take me forever to draw them in, but it's fun. ^^

      I'm going to bed now, but I'm kinda in a fic-frenzy (for the wrong stories - I'm trying to finish a chapter before the 27th, but I wanna write Pokemon RPG...)
    18. IcyRose
      Nah, she's not worth talking to anyway. It doesn't matter what I'll say, she's the kind of girl that'll go "What-eva" and walk away and then still glare at me.

      I mean, it may have been a mistake. But if it's happens again...well, I'm not going to tolerate it. I won't run back into her or anything, I'll attempt to talk to her.

      I know, right? She shaves it one day, and two days later it grows back. Must be awful.

      So, what's up?
    19. Plusle+Minun
      Probably more work than play though. -=- plus I don't get to see any of you often...

      Okay. ^^
    20. Plusle+Minun
      lol vacation? Who said anything about vacation?

      Ah well. I guess you will. Btw...do you want to see some concrete poems I was working on?
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  • About

    February 2
    My ever-changing imagination~
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo 3DS Friend Code:
    I'm not really one to describe myself most times besides things relating to a subject or circumstance, so you're obviously not going to find much here...

    But if you're really that curious, please just talk to me. You won't find out anything if you don't, and just my brief list of likes and hobbies really isn't anything to go on because I watch, read, play, write, and listen to sooooooo many different kinds of things! You can't place it. Seriously!

    Plus, I'm quite complex. I know it may not seem like it most times, but that's when the 'ask the right questions' rule comes into play. *wink*

    I like making new friends, so don't worry. I don't bite. :3 (Well...most times, anyway...)
    I may not be the best at conversation sometimes, when it comes to new people I meet (and sometimes even after I've known them for a while), but I still try and hope you do, too. ^ ^

    I come on Serebii once in a blue moon - unless I'm actively talking with someone, then I'll be on almost every day. If you can't wait for me to reply to your VM, just send me a PM or message me from one of the links in my signature (preferably FF); I'll very likely reply to you by the end of the week (because I check my email once a week. :p)~

    Being difficult, reading, writing, video games, anime/manga, music, animals, knitting, MMD, etc.


    ~* Fanficton / Youtube *~
    Banner made by moi~ (Sapphire Sapphirine)​