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Sapphire Sapphirine
Last Activity:
Apr 7, 2020
Jan 7, 2009
Likes Received:
February 2
My ever-changing imagination~

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Sapphire Sapphirine

~Melodist Melody~, from My ever-changing imagination~

Sapphire Sapphirine was last seen:
Apr 7, 2020
    1. Plusle+Minun
      Yeah, I'm going to China in July til mid-August. You?
    2. IcyRose
      Well I did say "Sorry," but she just glared at me and walked away.
      I try to be the better person by being nice, but she still hates me. And we barely even know each other! We've only had one conversation, if you can call it that! She just asked me and Rose if there was any chorus and we said no and she said ok. That's the only time we ever spoke! (And she glared at me the whole time!)

      True, true. There's a girl in Miami (I think it's Miami. Not sure.) who sports a full beard!
    3. Plusle+Minun
      XP Yup...

      So...how is...something? (._.)
    4. Plusle+Minun
      Ah. lol If I do need ideas, I always consult my list of them. I'm always afraid about forgetting...
    5. IcyRose
      XD Ok. But she annoys me SO much! A few days ago, she ran right into me! And didn't even apologize!

      Well, there you go! Be glad you have hair. Some people have a type of cancer where they don't grow any hair. Then there's an opposite cancer where they grow too much hair!

      Yup. :P
    6. IcyRose

      XD Yeah. There's only 3 people at my school with poofy hair. Me, Merissa, and...*Ugh, I hate this name.* Carly.

      It's ok, it can't be that bad. Trust me. Look at it this way; you aren't bald.

      XD Yeah. Good point.
    7. IcyRose
      XD Thanks.

      XD Yeah.

      Oh my gosh! Your hair is poofy too?! FINALLY!!!!! SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS MY HATE OF POOFY-HAIRNESS!!!!!
      See, I have curly hair. Curly hair is naturally poofy. Poofy naturally annoys me. D:

      Oh, well cool! Sidesweepy-type bangs are nice. They can be annoying though, seeing that if they grow too long then they get in your eyes. DX
      Otherwise, they're pretty!

      Lowlights are nice, too! ^.^
    8. IcyRose
      OoooO! Getting your hair done, huh? I got mine straightened and highlighted a few days ago! I love it!

      XD Yeah, I hate when it takes so long. But it's worth it when it looks great, right?
      So, what're you going to do to it? Highlights, curls, etc...?
    9. IcyRose
      Yeps! XD

      Everything's good. You?
    10. IcyRose
      XD Yeah!

      True. xD


      Alright, still trying to fix it...
    11. IcyRose
      XD As a stick girl?

      Yeah. My work usually grows on me. Usually.
      Thanks, Sapph!


      Thank you for saying you're welcome!

      Oh. XD Sorry. I'll try to fix it.
    12. IcyRose
      Eh, it happens. ^.^

      Well, that's much better than it making it harder to visualize her.
      Ehehehe! The eyes looked kind of...eh, to me. Well, the one on the left.
      And that's exactly what I was aiming for! I wanted them to look like anime eyes.

      Sure, you can! You just need to practice! That's all!

      Thanks! XD

      Now for the colored version...(It looks pretty bad. I'm not good at coloring with crayons, but I couldn't find the colored pencils. >.<)
    13. IcyRose

      Hi, Sapph! Ok, so I know it's kind of hard to visual what characters look like in an RPG, and sprites don't exactly help you a whole lot. Sure, you have a visual, but it's so small.

      So, I drew Medley. Whaddya' think? Did it help you visualize her more easily or did it make it harder? Sorry if my drawing made it harder. ^.^;

      Anyways, I'm going to color it in soon.

      Oh, and I can't use my scanner. It's in the storage, so I had to upload a picture I took of it.

      And the age 11+12 is just to say that that's how old she looked when she was those two ages.
    14. Plusle+Minun
      lol I actually have them all planned out...I get ideas so often I keep files chock full of them. ^^ sometimes they're drawing ideas though...I've designed clothes before.
    15. Plusle+Minun
      lol I just draw in a bunch of curved lines and black beady eyes. Yeah...

      I think I have a pretty good one in my sketchbook though...

      A few different ones, old ones now. ^^ Three though. lol
    16. Plusle+Minun
      Ooh...my horses fail too...cats are my specialty, you see...lol.

      I'm writing my stories...
    17. Plusle+Minun

    18. Plusle+Minun
      No. XD We have two-hundred some seventh-graders and four hundred twenty-six kids in the school.
    19. Plusle+Minun
      XD Actually, two classes out of eight. :P We have so many students! Sevens account for half the school's population!
    20. Plusle+Minun
      Yeah...it's really awesome. Some guys expressed wishes to be in AC classes in Foods to me and my partner. We asked why (I added we couldn't use calculators) and he said we had "good friends" and being in AC automatically made you "civilized". I lol'd.
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  • About

    February 2
    My ever-changing imagination~
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo 3DS Friend Code:
    I'm not really one to describe myself most times besides things relating to a subject or circumstance, so you're obviously not going to find much here...

    But if you're really that curious, please just talk to me. You won't find out anything if you don't, and just my brief list of likes and hobbies really isn't anything to go on because I watch, read, play, write, and listen to sooooooo many different kinds of things! You can't place it. Seriously!

    Plus, I'm quite complex. I know it may not seem like it most times, but that's when the 'ask the right questions' rule comes into play. *wink*

    I like making new friends, so don't worry. I don't bite. :3 (Well...most times, anyway...)
    I may not be the best at conversation sometimes, when it comes to new people I meet (and sometimes even after I've known them for a while), but I still try and hope you do, too. ^ ^

    I come on Serebii once in a blue moon - unless I'm actively talking with someone, then I'll be on almost every day. If you can't wait for me to reply to your VM, just send me a PM or message me from one of the links in my signature (preferably FF); I'll very likely reply to you by the end of the week (because I check my email once a week. :p)~

    Being difficult, reading, writing, video games, anime/manga, music, animals, knitting, MMD, etc.


    ~* Fanficton / Youtube *~
    Banner made by moi~ (Sapphire Sapphirine)​