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Sapphire Sapphirine
Last Activity:
Apr 7, 2020
Jan 7, 2009
Likes Received:
February 2
My ever-changing imagination~

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Sapphire Sapphirine

~Melodist Melody~, from My ever-changing imagination~

Sapphire Sapphirine was last seen:
Apr 7, 2020
    1. BuNnY RaBbItS9945
      BuNnY RaBbItS9945
      i remember that >.< oo that gives me shivers thinkin about it! at least it wasn't a big 1 right? ^^'

      hmm o.0
    2. BuNnY RaBbItS9945
      BuNnY RaBbItS9945
      i'll try 2 stay far far far from snakes lol

      at least u found it ^^ which ending didja like the most. the happy 1 or the wishes that didn't turn good?
    3. BuNnY RaBbItS9945
      BuNnY RaBbItS9945
      it doesn't sound so bad when u put it that way. but i'm not happy about doing that either lol


      i went 2 a bookstore yesterday an i couldn't find it >.<
      i'm thinkin ppl didn't choose their words well ^^' did n e good wishes come true XD
    4. BuNnY RaBbItS9945
      BuNnY RaBbItS9945
      i guess it is better than that o.0 lol XP

      coolies lol, but i do think u r gettin a lil ahead tho xP

      n only 1 wish does all the stories have different ppl? or is it the same an there r different wishes?
    5. BuNnY RaBbItS9945
      BuNnY RaBbItS9945
      ooo that sounds like a good game, i like the customizing [spelling?] ur character. think u should try it. alot seem 2 like it, so there's also a good chance u might 2. ^^

      r there n e dectective ds games out? u might like those

      yeah i really like this class. i guess every1's time is different at places. i was kinda bored n a couple of my classes, an frustrated sumtimes 2 with my teamates ^^' but mostly it's a good time ^^

      the weather is gettin warmer ^^ i finally get 2 start learnin how 2 ride my bike soon XD i still need the pads tho >.<' but i got my helmet
    6. BuNnY RaBbItS9945
      BuNnY RaBbItS9945
      >< poisoned snake bites. bleh. a good thing 2 no but i think i'll skip that 1 lol i think perfume would burn alot. ><

      coolies! didja find n e good codes?

      aw T.T that manga sounds so good XD i think i'll go an get it. didja read the final kamichama karin chu's yet?
    7. BuNnY RaBbItS9945
      BuNnY RaBbItS9945
      wowies ^.^ u really like detective books lol r the agatha an nancy drew books alike?

      i saw ur post on manga readers about it. what happens n it?

      i guess i won't get luminous arc 2 then heehee ^^' n e idea what ur gonna get after u return it?

      lol that's alot XD
      my acting classes have doubled since it's 2 the end now. we started a lil late so the teacher added more days. not every1 is able 2 come tho so we give them a quick fill n on normal acting days.
    8. dawsoc
      nothing besides being obsessed with alice in wonderland
    9. dawsoc
      hi whats up?
    10. BuNnY RaBbItS9945
      BuNnY RaBbItS9945
      so what's been new? ^^
    11. lxdarknessxl
      okay. time to watch Flame of Recca. *leaves*
    12. lxdarknessxl
      kay, kay. but are you a part of the drama RP?
    13. lxdarknessxl
      cuz the organisation and the poison will be in the RP... but I'm too lazy to type up everything, so... i'm not going to make it anyway.
    14. lxdarknessxl
      example plot:
      The black organisation is back, and are targeting the geniuses of this world. Detectives, Doctors, they are getting fed the prototype detective, (the poison from the japanese version) as well as be killed by ruthless Gangsters and Snipers hired by the organisation. However, this time the people are fighting back. So ready your weapons. Resist the Black Organisation!

      The weapon being:
      Guns, Bats, Martial Arts, Inventions (like Dr. Agasa's, with Conan used), or poisons. Other things work too.

      The anime and manga were about cases only because the main character was a detective. Imagine the anime with Jimmy/Shinichi being a Sniper.
    15. lxdarknessxl
      and i'm saying we won't solve cases or anything, we will fight, shoot, other things like that.
    16. lxdarknessxl
      nononono. for example, a sniper turned into a 1st grader, a normal member of the FBI, a teenage genius karate champion, a doctor turned into a 1st grader, ect, ect, ect, tracking down the black organisation, fighting snipers, people with machine guns, so on.
    17. lxdarknessxl
      no... i'm waiting for a new RP for now. I'm doing 1 RP only for the time being. (give plenty of time for other things)
    18. fire fan 888
      fire fan 888
      well I got an email someone tried to hack me and I couldnt get on for a while. other than that? I may trade in my ds and psp and not buy em again o.o' Im getting sick of video games.... lol?
    19. junpearl63
      Uhm, Saph, I was just wondering if you would join the drama RPG ^^' It's okay if you don't want to.
    20. BuNnY RaBbItS9945
      BuNnY RaBbItS9945
      well, if i saw sum1 dressed that way i'd mayb look at em a lil crazy 2 at the time lol ^^' but that's at 1st. i do like seein stuff like that, i just look at it crazy cuz i don't c it everyday. XD

      aw! he is so nice ^.^ i wanna c him skate live 2 XD do u know if he's gonna b on the skating tour?
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  • About

    February 2
    My ever-changing imagination~
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo 3DS Friend Code:
    I'm not really one to describe myself most times besides things relating to a subject or circumstance, so you're obviously not going to find much here...

    But if you're really that curious, please just talk to me. You won't find out anything if you don't, and just my brief list of likes and hobbies really isn't anything to go on because I watch, read, play, write, and listen to sooooooo many different kinds of things! You can't place it. Seriously!

    Plus, I'm quite complex. I know it may not seem like it most times, but that's when the 'ask the right questions' rule comes into play. *wink*

    I like making new friends, so don't worry. I don't bite. :3 (Well...most times, anyway...)
    I may not be the best at conversation sometimes, when it comes to new people I meet (and sometimes even after I've known them for a while), but I still try and hope you do, too. ^ ^

    I come on Serebii once in a blue moon - unless I'm actively talking with someone, then I'll be on almost every day. If you can't wait for me to reply to your VM, just send me a PM or message me from one of the links in my signature (preferably FF); I'll very likely reply to you by the end of the week (because I check my email once a week. :p)~

    Being difficult, reading, writing, video games, anime/manga, music, animals, knitting, MMD, etc.


    ~* Fanficton / Youtube *~
    Banner made by moi~ (Sapphire Sapphirine)​