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Sapphire Sapphirine

I'm not really one to describe myself most times besides things relating to a subject or circumstance, so you're obviously not going to find much here...

But if you're really that curious, please just talk to me. You won't find out anything if you don't, and just my brief list of likes and hobbies really isn't anything to go on because I watch, read, play, write, and listen to sooooooo many different kinds of things! You can't place it. Seriously!

Plus, I'm quite complex. I know it may not seem like it most times, but that's when the 'ask the right questions' rule comes into play. *wink*

I like making new friends, so don't worry. I don't bite. :3 (Well...most times, anyway...)
I may not be the best at conversation sometimes, when it comes to new people I meet (and sometimes even after I've known them for a while), but I still try and hope you do, too. ^ ^

I come on Serebii once in a blue moon - unless I'm actively talking with someone, then I'll be on almost every day. If you can't wait for me to reply to your VM, just send me a PM or message me from one of the links in my signature (preferably FF); I'll very likely reply to you by the end of the week (because I check my email once a week. :p)~

Being difficult, reading, writing, video games, anime/manga, music, animals, knitting, MMD, etc.
February 2
My ever-changing imagination~
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