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  • I think i have some. idk. i guess we could just wait. I cant wait till the summer when I dont have anything to do but go outside lol.

    hey do u watch american idle?
    cool thanks. oh yeah my bro came up to me and told me he has work to do on saturday >.< so we have to
    1. find some random player
    2. a two on one battle (if there is one >.<)
    3. call it off.
    besides pokemon no animes come to mind really. I used to watch naruto though. idk why i stopped though. do u watch any other animes?
    if ur not above 13 i dont suggest ms (maple story). my friend convinced me to lie about my age. i dont play much anymore though. dont think im like bad or anything though (plz!) because im not.

    anyway. do u have any other games that u can play on wifi with ur ds?
    i dont have a big ego either lol. hopefully we will win.

    off topic from strategy: do u play an online game called maplestory?
    ok. if we can knock out my brothers mew and darkrai, we win. so , hopefully u have a pokemon with sleep talk (my milotic knows it). and we can take out mew with dark pokemon. so i will bring my umbreon.

    anyway nice name for ur cat.
    O MY GOSH MY LITTLE BRO READ WHAT I WAS SAYING AND HE IS GOING TO TELL MY OLDER BRO!!!!!!!!!! we need another strategy for my older bro. what about ur sis what is her weakness? also we need to cover up our weaknesses
    i like cats but when they r mean that is another story. anyway I am still trying to convince my brother to battle. the first time i brought it up he... laughed. he is so cocky!!!! like i said one time win and he thinks he is invincible. I will convince him. he will lose. all we have to do is put on the berry that wakes pokemon up because of his darkrai ( his reason of winning besides mew)
    well if u r a rival with ur sis, and im a rival with my bro in it then it is like rival team up. If u agree I will give u tips on how to beat him. like items and stuff
    LOL. anyway i got my eevee =) im going to train it for a litle before evolving it. Im trying to build the best team i can so I can beat my bro's darkrai. I beat him 7 times and he only beat me once, but he still thinks he is better than me. So if i beat his drakrai one more time than he wont say it anymore (hopefully). if not he will call it a fluke (spelling). Hey i have got an idea, when u get wi-fi how about (if we can idk if there is 4 players on wifi) we do a double match. u and me vs my bro and ur sis(if my bro agrees).
    lol. im usually charmander with my partner.... random actually. but this time i want eevee because of flareon. i am trying to get a flareon with the right nature right now but this eevee egg i had in storage for a long time got mixed up with my cyndaquil egg (the one i have is japanese and i want 1 with an american name) and i hatched a cyndiquil by accident
    oh yeah just to tell u. my computer may be getting a virus so if im gone for a while then its because of that. but currently i can be on it
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