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  • Arsen glared at the Caterpie, with a stern look. "Except the berries I gave you..." He turned his head back to the ground, thinking of what he can do to be a better trainer. "I better should give the same treatment to Emerald and Zeel, they'll probably appreciate it." he said, with a tiny smile coming from him mouth. He stood up and glanced at the shop they had in the Pokémon Center. It was a gift shop, where you could buy presents for sick or injured Pokémon, or humans! "Let's go to the gift shop, to get her a present. Maybe you and Zeel will get one, aswell!"
    *blushes holding his cheeks* ohh ! Sapph! (lol!) why?? do you like making me feel pain? *shows fake innocent eyes* (my appreciation ;) which means a lot!) *stares* so I say Pshh! *lays down sobbing* :'(
    *shows a Grinch smile* *devilishly smiles* nuuuu *pulls you closer and tickles you to release the helmet* 8D
    about what? *gives you a: I don't care attitude* (what??? birds??) yes! *hisses back* no, you are right, but torture is a good substitute!
    *come closer* Yesssss *hisses* *jumps to catch her throwing away all her toys* (why do you need an umbrella when you wear a helmet and shield? *facepalm*) But I can help ya! :D
    I understand your point of view, the way how essays are written make their content plane, I study HR and business writing is a totally different world, I hate my gen eds for that reason X( (lol *stares down* ok boss :s) *sticks tongue* (whateva!) :p
    It’s not the lack of love, it’s the lack of opportunities to let it out, we live in a big world you know, if you lock yourself in your shell then you won’t have the chance to express yourself, and eveb if no one loves you, you have to learn to love yourself :) *hugs* (sorry for sounding like a parent, just giving you some advice, I can be serious sometimes too) ^^ *tickles you*
    Have a nice day ^^
    Arsen still was sobbing. "B-But she got the worst injuries she had in a long time..." He was clearly worried about her. He also kept looking to the operating room's doors to check if they are coming back. "H-Hey... Am I a good trainer?" asked Arsen towards his small, but adorable, Caterpie.
    Arsen sighed and looked away immediatley when the nurse took his Pokémon to the operating room. He walked to a chair and starts sitting on it, sulking. He was very sad of what happened to her. "I-I'm sorry , Emerald... I wish I stopped the fight earlier..." whispered Arsen, but Caterpie could hear it, he was sobbing a bit...
    When Arsen landed, he grabbed Caterpie and laughed a bit. "Was it fun?" After that he then jumped off Caterpie, holding Emerald and Caterpie, to make sure they won't fall. He then immediatley headed to the Pokémon Center, and puts Emerald on the desk. "Help her, fast!" demanded Arsen towards the nurse who was sitting behind the desk.
    "I know... I know..." said Arsen and picked up Emerald. He shed a tear, because he's ashamed of not knowing Emerald as well as her friends... He walked up tp Skarmory and climbed on him. "Let's go, Skarmory." He looked at Caterpie. "Are you not scared of flying? Great! Skarmory, speed away!"
    "Then I would look myself, duh! But... Sneasel seems to know her better than me..." said Arsen with a disappointed sigh. He looked towarde the ground...
    Emerald smiled after Skarmory assured her he wasn't hurt. Then he walks up to Sneasel, petting his back, though she collasped onto the ground! "S-Sab..." (U-Ugh...)

    Arsen was shocked that Emerald collasped and ran to her, with Caterpie at his shoulder. "Emerald! No!"
    Arsen nodded immediately and petted Caterpie's little head. "Yeah! Don't worry, she is right, Caterpie." he said with a little smile.

    Emerald winced a bit because of her damage, but nods. "S-Sab!" (Y-Yeah!) She then looked at Skarmory and walks slowly to him. "Sab-bleye..." (I'm sorry for smacking you...)
    Arsen was a bit shocked at Ayumi's reaction, but sighed. He knew it was logically to react like that...

    Emerald stood up and walks to Sneasel, helping him. "Sable?" (Are you okay?)
    No, call me Brat (Pitt) jk :p *frowns* I like it when you get mad because it makes me happy ^^ that's all! *shows a wider smile to reveal more evil intentions* (nah! just say yes!) *gives you napkin again* cos it's true *faints again, lol*
    Nuuuu XP *smiles* for the simple purpose ofmaking me happy! *slices Eevee’s ears off* now it’s turn to play with your hair *tries to pull your helmet*
    Call PETA, I don’t care (yes! I should!!! @_@) *holds your hand* stay… blame? What about sapph- murder?...
    Yeah! ^^ what’s wrong with your eye? You need help? *gets closer* well, then I can bring some cold water to cool you down *grabs bucket* ]:D
    Okey ^^ *sits down to listen* lol! now I understand, the great problem is the silly education system, they don’t know how to develop and implement Math and English-friendly courses, and then kids like you end up hating them :p (they can, if you use a pillow on top :p, np No thanks ^^ I love studying and listening to music at night *howls* why? Do you want me to be happy when you are happy too? :s lol) *makes a fake sad face* okay, “sorry again” okay mom, I’ll (but I won’t) XP
    Oh :s *wonders why*, well :p we couldn’t go out cos the weather, so the only choice was to order Chinese food :p thanks for the good wishes ^^
    (I use it if I want to! Should I care XP I love it when you get mad ^_^ *stares back showing his teeth* (yes, you should!) Because I’m cuteeeeeeeeee *cries in pain* (not even direct one would work on you :p jk) *staggers and faints because of the pain* #_#
    Ok, if that is what you think then what is what you are going to get! *sticks tongue* now it’s time to be tough *holds an Eevee plushy and a knife* I know you like this little fellow, I think I can have fun with it ]:D ok… if there’s no contract then I’ll touch your hair as much as I can *grabs scissors* @_@
    No if I don’t tell them to do it, they are mine! (should I…) *hold you arm* nope, you are staying! *stares at the sky* should I care? You are already insane! :p
    You are talking about yourself, I’m not weird *sharply looks at you* mud? Good idea! I can cover you in mud and leave you outside in the cold! :D
    Ok...it's the first time I talk to someone about this topic. Why does education-related work stink? Sorry for being curious but I like to talk about education topics. :D Yes, laptops are very versatile! ^^ (*I was just kidding, I’m not sleeping too much these days because of homework XP –and stop smiling when I get mad *sticks tongue*) *opens mouth wide* ooops! Sorry ^_^ but last nite I fell asleep again while trying to reply to your PM, lol :p
    Hey! Happy Valentines Day too! *hugs and gives you the Eevee plushie* Hope you enjoy a nice day with your sweetheart and/or your family ^_^
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