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  • yeah thats true. cherry is my first name though. my favorite flower is probably roses and cherryblossoms too. i got my name from my hair color and my kindness towards people! my name is not very common now because in slang it means something that is not very nice. i still like my name though because the sweetness is what my name resembles. i call the ones who missuse my name sour cherries because they are bad. i know how you feel about that since my boyfriend SUPERSAIYANALEX owns the japanease realease of the fire red and leaf green saga. my favorite place is the beach. what's yours?
    thats great! may is my favorite character in the cartoon but i think i like sapphire better. i am every ounce of sapphire and am proud of it! sapphire is a character in poke special snd she is my avatar too! contests are just not my kind of thing. especially since i was raised a naturist. only difference between me and sapphire are our preferences.
    that sounds like me, i have had my boyfriend since i was 5. he is far away but i will see him again soon! so anyway how did you come up with such a cool username? is may your favorite character?
    i am doing very well thanks. :D my boyfriend is really happy that he gets to see me this summer, i am going to move in with him and then we will get married! not immediatly but soon. so anyway do you have a person that you like?
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