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    1 And I love it! *smiles* I’m not coming down! *sticks tongue* no money, no fun… and who do you think you are to punish me?! No! don’t shoooot *loses balance and falls*
    2 Then I’m going in a different way! X( (lol)*gets petrified* my heart…my heart has so many answers (typical cheap soap opera line) (good one, I loved that reply! Brilliant! You are a good writer ^^) *stares at you deeply and thinks: only if you want me to succeed* ^^*shows a face with an expression like saying: “no, I won’t trick you”* Yes, it is playful! Don’t tell me you have never done it! And I think you love the paint ^^ *groans* hey! That’s not nice!!
    3 *infuriates* (nice face *sucks his finger* but that’s just non-sense! I don’t trust you! )
    4 whaaat?? *drops jaw* a torturer? Oh I feel so “relieved” *shakes head* no, please, help me *pouts in a tender way* :3 why not? Because I’m cute!
    5 (no!, into a 100345! Don’t you see I just change the number? *shakes head in disappointment* Yes, you will! *holds her and takes her to the crib* well, you said you hate metal (how dare you!!)
    6 *wonders if she is having one of her “moments”* oh yeah yeah, you are right! You love making me feel bad, eh? *sobs* I have the right to cry *sticks tongue and laughs because the tears were actually water* :p
    7 oh my! You are pale! You need some (red) colour on your face muahahaha! *rubs his hands* I don’t trust youuuu *walks towards you with the knife*
    (1) you are odd :s ok, ok, you are right *smiles to please her* (aha! You admit you are random again! ^^ thanks) :3
    1 *smiles at her grunting* Please what? :D “LOL” *sobs, still on the floor* what plushie like think! I’m talking about your bullets! *infuriates* you little…
    2 *holds your arm tighter* Am I ssssscaring you? @_@ I won’t *pulls you closer*
    3 I told you to be original *sticks tongue*
    4 *grunts* that shield, I’m going to get rid of him *grabs hammer* let’s make this easy… drop that shield or I’ll squeeze it! OUCH! (yes, it is!, or it was!)
    5 (I don’t like those eyes :s *after she turns away* hey! What happened?!) Pssh! You should pay me for buying your lies! *shivers* I don’t like it when you walk behind me… You can’t? *glances at her back with doubt* (on you too because you follow the play XD) OUUUUUUUUUUUCH! that huuuuuuurts!!! *cries*
    6 That’s what I love doing *blinks at you* If I’m a bug then you are sweet like a pesticide *sticks tongue* (^^)
    7 Americans… then I’ll serve it with BBQ sauce to make it “yummy” >.< JK (what????) (stop touching my hair! :’( *shakes rattle <just out of curiosity too, lol>)
    8 where? Eh? *doesn’t buy it* at this point it’s hard to believe you…yes, have it! Come on! * Octillery grabs her hand with his sticky suction cups* (why? :O)
    9 Yes, I am 0:) I bet you were a troublemaker in kindergarten! XP
    (*smiles* sure! in your world, not this one, I didn't know your arguments had legs (hehe, laugh please) *astonished* But this sheep isn't for you! :s *steps back* Yes! that means you can't touch me, just look at me ;) lol! *shakes head* I guess using reverse psychology didn't work well in this situation *closes eyes expecting the worse* -_-)
    don't copy me! be more original! *sticks tongue* nope! I wasn't, I was just playful 0:) you don't tie playful people to chairs and punish them with yucky food! X( *stares at you really mad* I told you not to touch me! don;t you read? I'm made of porcelain! *laughs* sorry, but I don't see any contract forbidding me to mess up your hair *messes it up more*
    *tilts head* really?? :s Yes, this is weird... *takes a Fletching* this little things are not vicious! be nice or I'll tell them to peck you! *glowers back just to make you mad* Nope, we play outside, enjoy the sun! I'm not opening it! *defiantly stares at you* Yes, I'm hiding it, but that's not your business *blinks*
    *with sarcasm* Why people don't smile a little bit more? :p LOl, like what? milk? *points at you laughing*
    are you home-schooled? wow! I though you were older (no offense intended ^^) Ok good to know :) .. and laptops are comfortable if you are tired enough, they can also be coasters and cutting boards :D (hey! you don't! *gets mad* well, you do it sometimes ^^ but it's ok
    Zeel glared, then he proceeded to grab Sneasel's throat with his scyther. But then, something hit him!

    The thing that hit him... Was Emerald's ruby! "Sab, sableye!" (Don't hurt him, Zeel!)
    ("your world is your own" *claps because of that brilliant deduction* XD *stares at you* and vultures like sheep! *steps back* don't touch me! I'm made of fine porcelain *blinks* yes, yes I'm a baby, ok! you are right! *stares at ax with panic*)
    *sticks tongue* mean! XP *laughs at her growling* I was! but you forced me to change! you transformed an innocent sheep into a crazy ram! *bumps you* yes, again! and you love it! you look "beautiful" XD *giggles* sorry, no warnings, too late *sticks tongue* noises? those are little birds! *however, wonders how it's day time now* no, not letting you in! we are playing outside today! *locks the door and slides the key under it* :D thank you for understanding gramma! ^^ *cleans face with his hands and enjoys the drops* yummy! I want more! (lol)
    Oh! reading! lots of homework! :s sorry if I was keeping you away from your readings. *wakes up on top of laptop* sorry ^_^' I fell asleep again! (and it's all your fault! jk)
    "Because both of our Pokémon need to know when to stop." said Arsen with totally no emotion, and continued looking towards Zeel.

    Zeel looked at the Sneasel. Then he pointed to a Pokémon Center. "Sciz, zor. Zor?" (Get her healed, understood?)
    (in your inner world, not mine! XD what are you now? a pidgeon? :s *frowns* I'm not a baby! *opens mouth in astonishment* nuuuuuu) ^^
    *smiles with sarcasm* "thanks" *doesn't mind your warning, bleh!* I knew it!, then I won;t be nice either! *undoes hair* You will! *softly flicks cheek* blah, not bleh! XP :D you liked it, right? *pushes her out* because air is better at night! *blocks the door behind her* :D *why? because I like it!* *blinks* sure... you're good... sure... *shakes head* well, if I'm old you are old too! *sticks tongue close to your face bleh bleh!* :p my day was looong and busy, but there's not place like home :) thanks for asking Sapph! ^^ how was your day?
    (that's your evidence, blah! -yes, I said blah and not bleh- *pouts and crosses arms* ...ehh... nope, you can leave *smiles*) lol! thanks again :p
    okay! ^^ you are right! She was cute ^^ *grunts* I wasn't, but I remember everything! *thinks on ways to take revenge* well, at this point I don't believe you are nice at me! duh! *flicks your shoulder* I'm gonna be rude too! =_=
    *not your business, :p* [z]zzzzzz lol[/s] okay rude person! *pours a whole bottle of coke on her tongue* did you like it, eh? eh? eh? and more eh? *drags her too the door and makes her see the sky* fresh air doesn't kill people! *wonders why you don't like going out* don;t worry, it's an old song :p *eyes turn red like tomatoes* I am not old! grrrr!! (lol) Hi there ^^
    (I didn't!!! :O *avoids her eyes* :s nothing *smiles just because*) *what do you mean? grunts* *your welcome ^^*
    hehe! you look like a Jigglypuff now! lol! yes! it's fair! you fell in your own trap! *enjoys the moment* well, I don't care! *sticks tongue* hey! don;t roll your eyes! that's rude! *splashes the last drops on your face*
    :D *smiles again* like what?, jk, lol *reminds you that you are rude and sticks tongue* XP *holds her arm and takes her to an open door* now you are going out! lol....Thanks ^^ I try! *smiles* that's an old song (oh my!) Konbanwa Sapph-san! X) (^^)
    Arsen still didn't respond. He was still looking at the red steel bug Pokémon,while the wind blows though the trees.

    Zeel laughed a bit, and grabbed Sneasel once more, to bring him closer to him. "Scizor." (I'm protective, I don't want any fights here.) He then put Sneasel down, with a 'THUMP' to the ground.
    (*smiles nervously because this situation is different: fighting for his life and don’t let psycho-girl chop him into pieces* eh...) *lol, “thanks for the comment, actually I went to the deep end of the room because I almost feel when I woke up* :p (^^) eh.. and you were! Lol! jk *pokes mouth! Stop pouting! You are too old to do it! XD *smiles* gotcha!! You did it! *opens mouth* but it was in a playful way 0:): Pik-achoo! *sneezes more* meanie!
    *presses B button* yes, it’s true! *smiles at her* (yes! Trouble –innocent one- is always fun! :p no problemo!) oki! No apologies ^^ *reminds you he lives in Canada and has to say sorry without reason* I hope you break it, it’s not hard, at least go out and have some fresh air :) *blushes* oh Sapph! ^^ nice words! Thanks! I was just worried for you :) understanding others is what I try to do ^^ Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto! :p Oyasuminasai Sapph-san! (and thanks for the long chat ^^)
    Arsen didn't respond, but just kept looking at the Sneasel.

    Zeel glares and shakes a bit. "Sciz, zor zor." (Still, you did aswell.)
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