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  • (*smiles like a dummy to give a good impression and don't let her get close* 8D) muahaha! :D I'll! (yep! you know it! ^^) *drops jaw* what? O_O *wonders the reason of her deep insights*the answer is simple: you! :p, because you called me your toy before and you insisted on swatting me *shakes head too* nope, I didn't splash myself, your perception of my situation is wrong, sorry X(
    My Tediursa doesn't want to either! X( *makes face to her* (ok, I get it, you hate going out...) now I get the situation, you know what? the idea is to keep a balance between going out (and keeping yourself out of trouble) and staying at home. Life is harsh out there but routine can hurt people too. During my vacations I'm used to only go out to buy groceries, I'm like you, I miss my house and my bed and my computer... and that's probably the reason why I resist growing up (called it being more serious). sorry for sounding serious now :/
    [edited message]
    (*smiles trying to hide his panic* ok, ok, *avoids your eyes* I'm going to behave :s *asks to himself how to scape from this mad house*) yeah! The forest now looks creepy! I love it! ^^ (ok, you are right! it's more important in movies :D) but you made me do it! I couldn't resist! :p *thinks his ideas will be well received and understood* achoo! nope! You made me catch a cold! meanie! :(
    Do you remember Bulbasaur during OS? he didn't evolve :p *smiles* lol! ok, your honesty is appreciated :p ... (horror? what are you talking about?) wow! interesting situation, I think going out would be a good idea, but I don't know what is your real situation (sorry if I asked too many questions)
    1 you mad sis? *laughs*… hey noooooo, *finds a pole and climbs to the top* what’s this, the zoo? I’m not a roach, but I’ll dance for you if you pay me *blinks* hey! ouch! Stop it! X( *grunts*
    2 if they are your own why I’m involved in them? *freezes and wonders what are her intentions* *seats while waiting for the excuse (lol)* wi-wishes, what wishes?? *blushes* (lol, I love that one) *stares at her trying to remain calm* (lol) *blushes more and giggles avoiding her shiny eyes because he like it…* defensive reasons? I was just playing, I told you, do you really like to tie me to the chair? Do you think I enjoy it? *blushes* I do have a pure heart, just with some dark spots, lol
    3 *sticks tongue* (grrr, me alone! I don’t need reinforcements to deal with ya! :| )
    4 Yes! *gets mad* I was running for my life! *but you don’t mind, eh?* Yes, you are right! ^^ but I deserve a better treatment! Huh! … hey! I saw that! Don’t shrug! *grr!
    6 (5 is over) ouch! Bad baby! *squeezes cheeks* As a punishment, I will you in the crib and play metal all night to make you happy!
    7 what are you saying? o_O I’m sorry *chibi eyes* I-I-I unde-de-derstand *eyes moisten* :(
    8 *smiles tilting head* Do you know what I do to people who lie to meeeeeeeee? *grabs a chainsaw (which is actually an electric knife due to budget cuts in this production) :/ *
    (1) *shivers* what? Pssh! Sure… if you say so…XD (why? You seem to be a happy camper! ^^)
    1 oh, oh, oh! *pretends he’s suffering* I answer whatever I want XP *uncovers face* “thank you” *glares back* yes, it’s not true…OUCH! *covers mouth* my tongue is bleeding! :(
    2 *swats himself but follows you closer smiling* @_@ yesssssssss *holds your arm*
    3 *rolls eyes at you* bleh! Nevermind *sticks tongue* …that’s good! *smiles with satisfaction*
    4 *because she doesn’t allow competitors, lol* Yep! *quicky throws dart* Sure sure? (yes, I agree)
    5 (nothing! ^^ *smiles with anxiety and freezes* You are not my doctor, not taking your advice XP) *should I buy that sad face?* please? *smiles with a sweet and innocent expression* I think I twisted my ankle (yeah! typical movie scene, lol) *shows his ankle, of course*
    6 *opens eyes wide* I’m not a bug! I’m a Rattata! *stops nibbling* I’m not a bug! You are the bug (a Caterpie) XD
    7 mmm wasabi! I love it! Thanks! ^^ (I don’t wanna know! :s it’s odd! Don’t touch me! *sobs* no please! I’m not a doll! :’(
    8 No, join the party ;) what??? You eat brains?? *turns green* ewww! *smiles* yes, a nice Octillery for ya! *brings it closer* (nuuuuu! *runs faster*)
    9 Damn it! *wants to destroy the shield* because when I was in kindergarten I liked to paint girls’ dresses with crayons and tempera :D *smiles*
    (no-nothing really *shakes and sweats* trust me *shivers*) lol! but the idea is lovely and perfect ! :D "thanks" for stopping, bleh! well, don;t ask me that question! *shakes head* oh nooo! what are you trying to do?? achoo!!
    I won't let it evolve! :p *enjoys the moment* Sapph, yoy are finally being honest! congrats! *shakes hand* ... sorry to hear that :( have you tried to talk to a doc about this situation?
    (nooo-nothing! *steps back more shaking*) yeah!! I live close to the forest, and listening to coyotes makes it even better! :D *looks at you* I told you before! don't touch me! I'm not your toy! *sticks tongue and mimics you swinging his body* "you jerk...you jerk" *splashes coke on you too*
    yep! ;) lol!
    *indeed! ;P* I know that Einstein! XP I knew you were insane! :D you finally admit it! ...wow! that's a weird schedule why do you do that? (sorry for asking)
    (you and the axe together are a bad combination! :s *steps back more*) yeah! I play Japanese horror RPGS with headphones to make the experience more intense ]:D *having a tantrum? poor baby *offers bottle of milk* O_O are you mad at me? :( I love it when you get mad *blinks and give you a troublemaker smile*
    hey!! *smiles* well, we all have now a bubbly personality ^^
    *true but funny ^^ thanks!* No way! I don;t like big Pokemon! (lol ^^) yep, I see you here online at random hours, you better take care of your health young lady, otherwise you'll end up being insane like me! :p
    (*steps back* :s) *smiles* I sometimes do the same! awesome! watching or playing horror games/stories on bed is so *sigh* exciting! *shakes rattle for you again* ^^ well. who's drinking the juice, you or me? lol! *narrows eyes too* how rude! no more Coke for you! *splashes some on your face and clothes* 0:)
    *advises you not to find a logical reason to his actions because they are random* Better a Teddiursa than an Ursaring XP! thanks for calling me cute! ^^
    O_O (*wonders if the comment was funny* *smiles just to make you feel good* jk, you are right ^^) *^^ thanks!* I'd pay for sleeping 8 hours a day! That's why I call you lucky! :)
    (*stares at you wondering what the heck he just did* lol!) so what do you do in bed? read fairy tales? *shakes rattle for the baby* oh my! who understands you? you complain about the juice being sour and then about being sweet! *shakes head* Pardon me? *pretends he's deaf and fills more Coke* :p
    *decides to stop* ok, if you don't want to play then I'm going to bed *grabs pillow and teddy bear* XP
    *I just want you to agree to everything I say *blinks* and smile XD* *smiles because he knows she likes the rattle* (yep, at least you spend your free time doing things you love ^^) *he knows she lies, lol*
    Shì (yes in chinese, because we are talking about chinese food :p) *blinks and make you silly faces to make you smile* I wish I was in school, at least I had time to sleep when I was a kid :p but now it's impossible!
    (yes you can axe it *hands you medieval axe* *ignores that fact too*) *smiles again*... then go to bed :p *swings rattle* that's why you add sugar my dear! *captain obvious to the rescue* good girl! ^^ *refills glass*
    (that's what I meant with junk TV, I agree, many shows are worthless now and you can watch better things online) *tilts head* okayyyyyy.... *bumps again* my bumps are gentle (^^)
    *you pout too much, are you a baby?* *shakes rattle for her again* Meh? nope it's Bah! *jumps like a sheep* (you are a lucky girl, you know? XP) *wonders if she is rich*
    Yeah! it's good! (don't get mad at yourself! ^^) I always make sense you know? I have to stay in this stinky college 6 more hours :(
    1 *laughs at your words* a princess? Where is she? *moves you out of the way to keep looking for the princess* I don’t see a princess here *silly, I’m Latin (bud a bad dancer) so stop! *moves face back* that’s called “lack of creativity” *laughs again* what scenarios? Eh? *poses smiling for the camera and blinks* XD
    2 but it’s mine! *stumbles staring at you with panic* what truth?? *covers his eyes again* *gives a “you should” look* (lol) that scares me too * (pure-heart? Mine is pure, not like others who act like Yandere just for attention! *giggles*
    3 funny… (and my opinion is the one that matters here! :p)
    4 (XP) I’m not lying! It’s probably dislocated! And it’s your fault! I’ve never seen people giving first aid with a gun in their hands! This is starting to go out of control! *stares at you*
    5 “You’re welcome” ^^
    6 (Yeah! :D) oh… someone got her feelings hurt here…sorry little baby *offers rattle* :p
    7 *wonders what is going on* oh… sorry.. it wasn’t my intention to make you blush *reddens too* *feels bad* I’m sorry, it was my fault *takes away shark* :(
    8 *grabs a table spoon, dips it into the bowl and offers it to you* are you sure @_@ *comes closer* I think you are lying to me… you don’t want to lie to me, nooooooo *smiles*
    (1) I was just kidding, no one can bite me, sorry to disappoint you :p… and now you are the one saying sorry! Pssh! (jk!, and you complain about your life? :D)
    1 oh! You hurt me with your words *puts hands on his forehead* oh oh oh! … what’s wrong? it’s…just wrong! :p *covers his face* hey! easy! … shaddup! Shaddup! That’s the only thing you say when I tell you the truth! *sticks tongue*
    2 I like pain! @_@ *stares at you with those crazy eyes until touching foreheads* what happened? Getting nervous? *devilishly laughs*
    3 *bites his own finger* wow! I feel so sad for not getting one, Pssh! *turns head* Jerk? You know I’d call you the same! XP… yes, any problem missy?
    4 *yawns at his pouting* lol! *stops* why are you pale? I just follow you to be sure you are okay *plays with another dart* are you sure you didn’t? *gazes at you deeply*
    5 (*rubs his eyes* those eyes, I guess my eyes are playing jokes on me again* eh…Saaaaaph, you are good girl :D let me go, please? *shows his shinny cute eyes* Sapph! You hurt me! *drops a tear holding the excruciating pain*
    6 *nibble faster* please show respect! I’m a mouse! *keeps nibbling* yes, that’s why you keep me here, in the wild! XD
    7 Pssh! You only give me “bitters” :p (I’m staright, not stereotypical! Yes! It is! Don’t touch my beautiful hair! *barks*)
    8 Yeah! It’s going to be fun only for me Jellyfishes are lame! And they are yucky XP *brings it back to you* that’s an octopus, not an object! (Lol) (hey! nuuu! *Covers his face and runs away)
    9 I will!! *grabs another tin of paint staring at your clothes* hehe… thanks! ]:D
    *makes another face and…* (I’m afraid this message is becoming like the other too :p) (Crazies for the win! XD) *smiles because he know he’s always right* *confused* what’s wrong about that? The skin was vitamins, and I like its sour taste :p *sticks tongue back cos he knows you want more* *offers you Coke in a fancy glass with ice and an umbrella*
    (may I ask the reason?) *smiles but stops* Yes! Is there any problem about it? *scratches his head* you mean! *eats the paper ball* You call me names! *bumps your feet again trying to make you lose balance* (nevermind :p lol)
    *wipes his tears but suddenly smiles* you see? You did it! ^^ (what about ordering? :p lol)
    (ok, no problem :p)
    * says to himself: she is so rude! jk!* ^^ haha! That sounds odd but funny! I agree! Lol (wonders why she says that looking at herself in a mirror, lol) Nah! I’m a hermit, I love sleeping and being at home the whole time, especially now in winter, that;s why I envy you :)
    When he heard thecheering, he smashed Emerald towards them, and came closer to them. He glared at the cheering Pokémon to warn them NOT to cheer.
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