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  • "My friend had to send him from Jotho to here for me. It took a couple days." said Arsen with a smile while enjoying the screen.

    The Scizor grabbed the shocked ruby-holding Sableye and smashed her painfully to the ground.
    *lightly taps twice* well, you are right about flavors :) (thanks comrade!) I drink Coke or painkillers, which one would you pick if you were moi? *stares at you with an "obviously Coke" face* I like Orange juice ^^ very yummy, I blend them with skin to make juice! :p *looks at you smiling because you like it too* lol
    (yeah! I don't have Cable, too much junk :s)*softly shakes your head* lol (no problemo! :p) ... I told you I'm a little boy, so I'm a Lamby too! *charges against you because he hates paper balls and gently bumps your feet* (ok, that's random, why I wrote it??)
    :( Sheepy's sad! You didn't! (oh girl ;) you want it so bad and you just pretend you don't)
    ok, sorry :p I spend the day fighting a bill with my Cable provider (caus of cancellation fees and bleh bleh) and then I stopped for Chinese food :p besides that, just doing hw now, listening to music and chatting with a random person :D I wish I had your life, you really enjoy your weekends ^^
    *pokes back*yeah^^*smiles* no way! Coke is good (yeah, call me crazy) but I can't survice without it because of my migraines :p *offers you more*
    (that's why I avoid watching it!) LOL! (*hughs* thanks ^^ you make good point too!) (it's...a Lamby! *runs towards you trying to hit you but just passes beside you*)
    lol! smiles! so what? , did you like my point? :D ...(no thanks! better order pizza :p)
    (lol! ^^ that was funny!)
    oki I'll! but you didn't ask my question X(
    *yawns* I think Sapph is too old for these games lol. Sorry aboot that! ;) I know, I know :p I don't overthink anything. *wonders why* juice? full of chemicals, I rather eat fruit :p but not now *drinks more*
    (sometimes good, sometimes bad :/) *thinks on an asnwer* probably! ^_^ (I always do, thanks!) ^_^ (*nods agreeing* a Sheepy without sheep ears is not a sheepy! *keeps running with a great smile*)
    *suspects that Sapph has memory issues* ok! point for you! *grabs a crayon on a paper and gives it to her* here is your point! (because I'm too lazy to clean! common sense!) oh my!
    ^_^ I know you wouldn't get mad (but I did reply! lol) (invalid line)
    (ok, let me review my sources, but according to what I heard that expression is only good when talking to friends or people younger than you)
    No problem Sapph!
    [ok, at this point this message is becoming like the other ones, don't you mind if we downsize it and use them for less crazy issues? like asking: how was your day? ^^]
    1 *you won’t make me dance missy!* I was just kidding ok? *jumps like a crazy kangaroo* stop, please stop!! *stares at you with astonishment* manipulate? What do you mean??
    2 *avoids your eyes blushing* well, your businesses interfere mine! *walks faster looking at her* what do you mean? I don’t like that gaze! *gives a “are you the only one making the rules here” look*…what do you think? *smiles and blinks*
    3 No! because I am the victim here! (you are interestingly crazy! *growls*)
    4 (oh, you are not surprised then, bleh :/ ) ouch, my leg hurts! I fell in a bad position *holds his leg, obviously, duh*
    5 ha, ha and ha! You are so “funny” *facepalms himself*
    6 (moments of sanity! :p ) not a plastic one! Duh! *swings head in desbilief* don’t you realize it’s just a plastic shark? Oh men!...
    7 not to me! ^^ sorry, but I didn’t give you permission to touch me *blinks* so now pay the consequences *pats you with the shark*
    8 *gets closer to you* @_@ do you want more sugar?? Offers you a bowl full of it *randomly laughs*
    (1) you feel me? what am I? a candy? XD lol
    1 Oh yeah! I wish it so bad *smiles* a gun as a bat *shakes head* oh my... your plans to be lazy? eh? ;)
    2 You like swatting my hand? go it again! I'm starting to like it! *laughs!* what? 8D heheee!
    3 *flicks back your arm* hmph? No thanks, I don’t want hugs :p *sticks tongue* I don’t care! *whistles* sorry, I don’t remember
    4 *yawns at the class about plastic* *jumps closer* And I can do it again *stares at you deeply*
    5 lol! XD (angelic? What side of yours is angelic?) oh damn it! *sweats and struggles with the new rope that came from the limbo* Sapph, you are a little cute angel, can you release me, please? *smiles trying to touch your sweet heart*
    6 *keeps nibbling* nopenopenopenope *laughs* and you are my sugar! Lol! XD
    7 That’s your point of view I don’t care! (nice face! Lol… hey! No ribbons! I’m a boy! Listen a boy!! *grunts*)
    8 You can just sit on your chair and let me take care of you (muahaha) a jellyfish…. *throws a plastic octopus with 9 tentacles at you* :D (“it was a promise†bleh bleh *chicken dances at your senseless promise*)
    9 ok, keep the money… you’ll need it to buy new clothes after I decorate them with more paint! *sticks tongue* greedy…
    like what? sorry, I didn't want to make you feel sad. :( well... I'm drinking Coke now to stay awake! :s
    (yep! well, TV works in mysterious ways...) *smiles* (yipee! ^^ I'm a Mareep! Flaffy is kinda naked, no thanks, lol) Thanks! (*runs happy for getting Mareep ears*)
    No my dear, I don't use that word at all ;) trust me ok, you win ^^ salt is more important! (yeah! but I'm not cooking at 3 am, no way! =_=)
    what about 99? lol, jk (btw, you don't need to reply to this line, so I'm saving you work already :p lol)
    (ok :D btw, I read using "do itashimashite" to reply to older people is not polite! :s )
    yep, I can tell when going to Niagara falls, lots of them there ^^ Thank you! oooooohh! I got it oooooh ;) (good! ^^)
    Emerald almost reached Sneasel, by every second getting closer.

    Arsen laughed a bit and looks at Caterpie. "Don't worry, you'll see why!"
    lol ;) to do what? *looks at the floor* I know, but I have a ton of homework, assignments, plus job searching, there's no time to rest :s
    (then they are dumb *sticks tongue at them*) ^^ (*more chibi eyes* lol, ok!)
    lol! nope, you talk about banter first, not moi 0:) But pepper makes things spicy ;) (you just made me hungry :p I want a burger!)
    so you are adaptive... ok... *gets ready to write 100 lines* lol too
    (yep, but I can't blame him ^^ yep! I''l read a little bit more to try to talk to you. Arigatou! Sapph-san ^^)
    lol, I know that! Americans are different :p But you know what? it's up to you to make it fun, when I lived alone I'd buy a huge pizza and a cupcake with a candle and spoil myself and dance, being old doesn't mean having boring birthdays (sorry but Ill be always a child at heart, you should be one too ^^)
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