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  • That kind of sucks. :/

    ....and my drawings really aren't that good. You're giving me too much credit. :X
    Well, okay. So you go to a private school?

    My drawings aren't that great, but I'm glad you think so... That's very nice of you to say...
    I'm okay. Thanks for asking. Nothing is really going on. lol I'm going home tomorrow, though!

    How are you?
    How could a red, talking, standing bull bore you? XD That would be awesome. The lawyers, not so much.
    Actually, I’d watch it more if Marge and Quagmire hooked up. XD Would be interesting.
    “Ugh. I hate it.” My day to day motto. XD
    What’s with the specificity about X-mas ‘05?
    I've bored you to the point of sleep?
    I seem to be good at that. XD
    The Simpsons are going to be milked for all its worth until the very end.
    T.U.K. White Perforated Point Creepers. ._.'
    Anyway, it has been fun. Take it easy! And...Merry Early Christmas? X3
    Yeah, Hot Topic has, over time, brought in some rather…unusual items, to say the least. XD Still, it’s a great store, though I never can find the shoes I want when I go. >=(
    Wait..wait… A Naruto knitting bag? o_O
    I have to agree with you about The Simpsons. The older episodes were infinitely better than the ones now. Then again, the show’s been around for a long time, so it’s only understandable that they’d hit the bottom of the preverbal well.

    I write too much, yeah? When you get tired of me going on and on, put me in my place, and just let me know. X3
    Down the wall? How did you like that?
    Oh, see, I don’t watch too much tv, as I usually just rent things I’ve yet to see.
    I’ve been renting Lost as of late, and I’m on the last two discs of season 3, and 4 is almost out! X3
    Fan fics. Cool, cool. Got any on here, yet?
    DBZ was always…drawn out and confusing, at least if you ever missed a certain part. The dead never would stay dead for long. Have to say, I sure didn’t watch it very long. XD
    Ah, everybody’s crazy. To each, his own, right? ^^
    XD Well, piercing are ok when done in good taste, but, sadly, not many people have good taste anymore. When you can’t see your face through all the piercing, you know you’ve crossed the line. XD A nose piercing kind of bugs me, though. o_O
    Crap! More evidence supporting the claim that I’m that teacher. XD
    You should try rock climbing/rappelling. It’s an amazing rush, especially the latter.
    Forensic Files has been canceled? {=O *dies a little on the inside*
    Skeleton Stories and Dr. G are pretty good replacements.
    Reading what, may I ask? And for that matter, writing what?
    XD Proving your “facts” are right? I got ya. Lol
    Eh, DBZ died out so long ago, such a shame.
    Wait, wait, wait? Mariah Carey? Wuuuuuuuuut? Lol Yep, you’re deranged. j/k, j/k!
    Oh, wait, come on! You have GOT to be down with the piercings! Well, not all, but some.
    Ah, Hot Topic. I love that store. Such a shame it gets so much hate. >=\
    Family Guy = win. The Simpsons is pretty good, though I usually don’t catch it on Sundays.
    Other interest? Oh, crap! I knew I was supposed to be into other things… XD
    Well, I’ma dork. XD I’m big on CSI, and not just the show. I read books all the time about it.
    I never get to, but I like doing art, and I’ve been told I’m pretty darn good. X3 *head inflates from ego boost*
    I’m really big on rock climbing/rappelling, and whitewater rafting.
    Um, other things, but I never seem to have the time for anything. =(
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