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  • Sounds like a great man!
    By chance, did he ever appear on that “game show,” How to Catch a Predator? XD
    Well, rest assured, you have no reason to go through with Serebii-cide. XD
    haha most people are just kidding
    like Snapple - he's one of my good friends XD;

    Thank you for concern :)~

    Winter recital, eh? Hmm... sounds interesting.. o.o
    That was a long time ago, and I did my time! >=O
    Oh, wait, never mind.
    A perverted Mr. J teaching, eh? It must be me in the future. XD
    You know, though, how cool would it have been if I was indeed that teacher? XD
    I was posting with 100% seriousness, because this is most certainly a serious internet website, about serious topics.
    I say just forgive him because it wasn't really a big deal to be honest.
    And tell her thanks but to calm the hell down. :p
    I've learned that some people take everything seriously (I used to be like that myself), so I suppose kira is just one of those people. Take a look at his posts in this thread. Best thing to do is to limit the jokes. I laughed when you mentioned the purse and iPod, btw. XD!
    I'm 6'1
    and uhhh
    Just relax and let it flow from you. Don't freak out - usually when you're on stage, you don't want to look at your audience to begin with; actually, usually if the stage lights are on you can't even see them.
    Just do a few vocal warm ups, practice in front of your mirror, and just try not to think about people.
    Thinking will make things seem unnatural - just go with the flow of your character.
    LOL when did this happen? I don't even remember friending you.

    But yeah. You've got some hilarious posts in the Brawl club, it's a shame really that people take them seriously. XDDD

    EDIT; oh yeah you're the guy in RMT. Now I remember. :p
    I was kidding... I didn't even think you would see the message, since I posted it on his account.
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