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  • I'll get it with the ps3 :)
    I'll tell you how it is once I've tested it.

    I think you can play online together too.
    A very (too) big one.

    It's mostly just my family and everyone is fighting.And things get worse.My Mom,doesn't have a job,Thoughts of my dead father are coming back,and my favorite uncle is homeless.
    Great. Though how'd you join the family? I don't remember all these kids I keep having. :x This has to be adoption, I blame Darato. XDDD

    LOL, I'll take a look. XP

    XDDDDDD I taught my son well then, if he likes Bishieshipping. XD

    /needs to find parents
    I am the environmentalist, haha! Well, I mean to be, but i have to sort out some of my own recycling habits first, methinks =P

    o_o Really? I suppose that's a little bit the case here as well, though I've not noticed it before ^^ Ooh, maybe you'll get a new gym or something =D

    Atheist, huh? Well, I'm undecided, too many murky issues there to be clear on most aspects of faith!
    I saw the family tree, it's massive and awesome! I'm not surprised it took you so long to do =D
    ... ._.; That's a really strange question.

    But yeah, I would be sad if that happened to pretty much anyone.
    wow, he talks about me? wow Im......speechless. lol u got interested in me, well its nice to meet you♪ =D
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