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    burger king or mcdonalds?

    Well let's see... Burger King has Icees, tastier burgers, awesome grilled chicken, and overall the food is better. McDonalds has great soft-serves, yogurt parfeits, and fruit and walnut salads... everything else I pretty much don't eat. I'm going to vote Burger King. (: (Though Subway wins!)
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    You're biggest FML in pokemon?

    Lol I just love how when some people who play Pokemon, when they run into shinies, they all think it's an epic moment, until they realized they have no Pokeballs xD It's kinda sad because you missed your chance on getting something super rare, but it's funny at the same time because having no...
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    Remakes of Pokemon R/S/E

    Yes I want a 3rd generation remake. 3rd generation is my favorite along with the 2nd generation, of course. I like the names MagmaRuby and AquaSapphire. Or something along that.
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    You're biggest FML in pokemon?

    Okay, well last night when I was playing HeartGold the biggest F*** YEAH moment happened... I won a Masterball in the Goldenrod Lottery. All 5 digits matched on the ticket I drew matched. This is the first time ever in all my years of playing Pokemon that I got a second Masterball in-game...
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    Ages of SPPF memebers

    I'm 15, turning 16 in 6 days. (:
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    Gravity or Not

    all right im sick of these boards n imma post the short n sweet simple ansah. NO
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    How difficult is the main story of any Pokemon Game for you?

    Well for most part the games are easy, even though they can be a little challenging at points. I guess according to the poll, the Pokemon games are around 2/5.
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    Music or Not?

    lulz. Anyways, I say no to music type. That's utterly stupid.
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    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    I'm playing Pokemon HeartGold at the moment, and hopefully I'm going get another video game to play as my birthday is coming very close.
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    Funny/Frustrating/interesting Game Glitches You've Experienced

    I remember once in Donkey Kong Country my brother and his friend were teaming up together on their own file, they were trying to beat the facotry area without saving. Well, after so many deaths and still a lot of lives, they are running in a cave level, and then they jump and get caught on a...
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    What games you still play?

    I still old games, like the Donkey Kong SNES trilogy, N64 games and such. Even old GBC games. I still play games in the new generation too, I guess you could call it that.
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    Donkey Kong Country Returns

    The SNES trilogy is one of my favorite games ever. I am really looking forward to this game being released. The trailer looked absolutely beautiful. EDIT: The only thing I am kinda disappointed about is the no kremling thing... :/
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    What career do you want to have.

    I have 3 careers in mind... - An elementary school teacher. - A marine biologist. - If I get slightly a bit better, then I'd like to be a professional dancer. I don't think it will happen though. :/
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    GB Sounds?

    I turn it on in certain areas, if I'm feeling nostalgic.
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    Hoenn by FAR. Hoenn and Johto are my two favorite regions. The enviroments and landscapes of Hoenn are vibrant, the towns are creative, and I loved the Pokemon, too. So yeah, Hoenn.