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  • HI HI HI. Don't feel bad about not beta-ing, really. I don't mind, haha. I actually forgot about posting this until recently. Take your time, and if you never get to it, that's fine. :3 School is eating at my life too, so I understand (plus you're doing a lot more work than me. XD).
    Lol I haven't written anything else, I'll be at my mom's this weekend with no internet other than on my phone, and then I start school next week. I'm not going to even be thinking of it for at least another week and a half. :p
    Hahaha. I'm still in love with mine after a few years. :3 I'm not posting it until you beta it. Hopefully I work somewhat on the next chapter and get some motivation to finish it, lol. But I'm not posting the most recent on until you're done with it.
    That's awesome that you got your own laptop! And no worries, I'm not rushing you. I haven't written any of the next chapter yet anyways, and I know school is more important. :p
    Lol thanks. That last one was a drag to get through, but I think with the carnival setting, Unova Pokémon, and length of it really made me end up enjoying it. Probably one of my favorite chapters so far. :3
    Oh wow, haha. Hopefully some of it was enjoyable to read then so that it wasn't a total drag to sit through. :p
    I saw the email, I've just been dogsitting since Sunday, and I was only able to get online on my phone. But I'm back at my house for a bit and I'll get it sent, don't worry. :3
    uhh are u far enough in the game to catch a golett for me in a regular poke ball? i want it to have iron fist ability and the nature to be adamant or quirky but if its different it may be ok. u dont have to of course just asking
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