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  • Well, I guess something went wrong. Just press B to cancel the communication, if that's the case, and talk to me.
    Lol, all right. First you just register my Friend Code - 3311 2771 3038 - on your Pal Pad, then proceed to the pokemon Center and talk to the lady in the middle counter of the second floor. Once there, just connect to the Nintendo WFC, and after that, you're at the wifi room.
    Once there, you shall see me, and you just have to wait a bit until I make contact with you.
    Then, we go to the trade screen, where you can search for the pokemon you want to trade, even if it's on one of your PC boxes.
    Hi, I see you're looking for a Rufflet or a Braviary. I can give you a Lv 46 Rufflet for the Vullaby.
    Once you're online again, just let me know!
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