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  • Sure, go for it. No worries about the speed thing, I myself am starting school again pretty soon so my own activity will not be the absolute best either.
    I just cancelled our ref queued match, mostly because I already have a match on Serebii and I need leveling pretty fast. Sorry about that.
    I like to ref the elemental punches as 100% type because otherwise all physical type moves should be 50/50 IMO. If you really think that it is pretty stupid I can go 50/50.

    I am giving him 3-4 Acrobatics. I am going by the old 2 Thunderbolts ruling and it is around 1 and a third HB's going by my system.
    I asked in the UPN TO. Dave said to count it as a forfeit and just deal out the points as is.

    I'm assuming that's cool with you?
    Hey could you ref our match we've been waiting well over half a month.
    SPPf PASBL: zerozoner vs. Shadow XD001
    Can you specify more where you're sending your Pokemon in the future? Or I'll just start assuming random places on your half of the arena :p
    Too far, has to be sent out on one of the platforms that you're allowed to send on based on the Arena Description.

    With the Gym Leader (challenger) starting at the Northern edge of the arena and the opponent (acceptor) at the southern, the layout of the gym is as such, with the trainers able to release pokémon on to the two platforms nearest them if desired:
    You can send your Pokemon somewhere on your half/side of the arena though, just not all the way to Kush's side. If his Pokemon was on your side of the arena I'd let you send a Pokemon right next to his. :p
    Sorry Sal but I had Celebii take over that match you were reffing. I did send you a reminder, but you probably don't check Serebii often. So what am I posting here then?
    Hey Sal, just want to remind you that you had taken over my match with Shadowshocker from Blaze. I'm hoping that you just got busy and had not forgotten about it (i bumped it on the 24th/25th. trying to remember the exact date, am sick with the flu now)
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