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  • wallace was a water champion is the point ive been making for this question.

    well as champion, i'd like you to surprise me sarge :D
    awesome glad to have you on board once again :D wicked, hopefully you'll be able to trade me some white exclusive mons then!
    are you feeling better now though? if not hope you get better soon shawn
    Hey Sarge, I don't know if you heard that we disbanded the 4th generation league. Are you interested in becoming a part of the 5th gen league, possibly as a leader? I know you were eager to fight but because of being the champ didn't get the opportunity. Let me know if you'd like to take me up on the earlier position :)
    i use a flashcart so i can transfer the save from cartridge to computer. turns out i had it backed up after all with my original black story team so i loaded it up once again and let the good times roll :D
    B/W going good I found my old black file onthe computer so am now playing on the DS. Just deciding how to start EV training, but I wanna be legit about it. I can't stand hacks for some reason :S
    well hey, i had some friends over and got alotta of trading done so im set for now. i would like to try to battle you sometime though
    you know what sargo, if your battery's being toasted then why dont we finish this set of trades then do one more for an even swap with my hg then ill be set. i can get the other six leveled up later. i still really appreciate this though
    so after this ill get bakc on hg and get my other six to send for the ones im sending now. so id say we have 3 sets of six pokemon trades left. which can still go really fast. i really appreciate you helping me sargo
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