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Back into this addictive whirlpool after a decade apart. I've owned a game from each generation, though my first 2 generation carts are either long lost or the save battery surely died by now...

Specifically: Yellow, Silver, Emerald, Diamond, and White 2

And I just ordered Japanese HG. Yikes. I took Japanese in college and did some self-study, so if I'm going to be addicted to video games, I might as well learn something in the process.
Favourite Pokémon
bordering on hikikomori...


3DS Friend Code (ENG): 3136-6780-3137 (ImNotThe1% / sarysa) [X] {Charmelion, Fletchinder, Growlithe}
3DS Friend Code (JPN): 2766-9208-3979 (サリサ / サリサ) [Y] {Machoke, Pancham, Tyrogue}

sarysa's Japanese 4-stat IV breds. Current offerings: SPATK Growlithe, Arena Trap Attack Diglett, Speed Togepi, SPATK Eevee, Timid Eevee, Tank Bulbasaur with Giga Drain, Inner Focus Speed Abra (ready-made 5-stat available for your ready-made 5-stat!)

sarysa the noob's annotated battle videos!