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  • your private messages were full so i couldn't reply but i can help evolve pumpkaboo right now and i'll press b so you can see it :). My in game name is Red.
    Okay, so I'm not sure if my messages just aren't going through (I'm new to these forums--nothing is showing up in my 'sent' box, grr), but I'm able to breed any of the eggs for you that you want/need. :) Let me know ASAP! I've begun working on them, it's fine if you don't need some of them anymore.
    Haha, no worries I understand that. But a true hyper neko smile is just a "X3".
    Oh well, what is in the past, is in the past^-^'
    Thanks. I'm actually someone that uses loads of smileys when talking. Frequently resulting people to think I'm a girl, haha. It's just I don't like hearts. Thank you for cutting back^_^
    Yeah, Code was very conscerned, she got an astma attack and fainted :/
    That just shows how much she loves me^w^

    Wow, just looked at some footage, it sure looks freaking awesome!

    Ah, I get it. Well, it's good of you that you stood up for yourself and others.

    I will try to recover as soon as possible!
    Oh, and would you not use "<3"? I'm not really feeling really comfortable when people use them^-^;
    Well, I'm not doing that good atm. I have blood poisoning^-^;

    OOooooooh, you were talking about Wild World. Yeah, I was talking about City Folk/Let's go to the City^-^;
    But no worries, i also have Wild World, I only need to get my DS back from my friend. Which probably will be this weekend, cause then I'm at my dad's. And my best friend lives right nextdoors of my dad.

    Yep, I've heard about New Leaf, I haven't seen much footage from it(none). But I'm excited that a AC game is coming for the 3DS. Now I have 4 games for my 3DS wishlist, haha: Fire Emblem: Awakening, Pokémon X&Y, LoZ: Majora's Mask and New Leaf^_^
    I would love to exchange FC with you for all those games, if they have FCs^_^

    Hmm, really? Mods going crazy? I have yet to get a single infraction. Hmm, but, if you say so, I will believe you. Good to hear you still will come here to talk to friends. Perhaps I also go to the Bulbagarden Forums, just to talk to you then^_^

    And about my Blood Poisoning. It's kinda wierd, but I kinda find it awesome. I can see my Lymph System from outside my body, haha. But, no worries, I have intibiotics, so I won't be dieing anytime soon, haha, I'm planning to be with Code a lot more longer than just 2 years(15th March will be 2 years X3).
    If these forums had a 'like/+1' button on posts, I would like the heck out if your most recent one. Dropped by to say just that.
    Wow, haha, breeding all depends on luck, you can be done in minutes, or in days XD
    It's probably either Monday or Teusday when my friend gives the DSi back, I will inform you when I have it^_^
    I actually don't care much about IVs, but, I won't say no to a Pokemon that has 2 flawless IVs, haha.

    Haha, my village's main fruit is peach! And I also found a apple tree all the way in a corner! And whenever I need any more of those, I'll be sure to stealtake some from your village^_^

    No, I never met Aurora, the only penguin I know is Cube, d-d-dude. I love those catchphrases they make XD
    How would you actually know that you have attained maximum friendship? In wild world you receive their picture, but I have no idea how to see that now.
    Aww, it's sad to hear that you didn't knew how to make them stop from leaving :/
    Talking about leaving, the game sure is firm that after a time someone leaves. Someone say they want to leave, you stop them, but then the next day someone says they want to leave.

    Oh, and I was lucky when I started playing again! Of course, after you don't play for a while, there will be weeds everywhere. But, the 2nd day I started playing again I encountered Wisp! So I could wish that all the weed would be gone! Ain't I lucky! :D

    Oh, today Code and I also went to K.K. today! It was fun to listen to K.K. again^_^
    Hahaha, yep, all that. Took me a week, but I'm very proud of my Feebas^_^
    And because my Black is connected with my DSi, you need to wait a little while. I did told my friend that I want my DSi back for a little while, because of the Keldeo WiFi event. So you've got the whole weekend for the Eevee^_^

    Hahaha, Face Raiders is an awesome game! And you can find your FC of your 3DS in the friend menu. It's the smiley face icon in the main menu. I believe it's in the upper left corner.

    That would be frikkin awesome! Awww, that sounds sad. I think I also would be sad if Bree would left, I have the game for about 2 year now, and she's the first person I met in the game.
    And, the only trees I don't have yet are Orange and Apple trees, I did plant a orange today, so I hope it will grow. If not, I still have 2 left. As for furniture, I have loads, so if you ever need any, I could order some from Nook's!

    Let me get my FC of AC then. Oh, btw, I also have wiispeak, which let me speak instead of writing while playing AC. It's kinda sweet^_^
    Haha, yeah, that's right, I got those fine Modest Hypnosis Dragon Pulse. I usually ditch the male ones cause most people want the females. But I shall breed a male one for you! The female DW Eevee sound absolutely awesome for the trade^w^

    If you don't mind, I'll sent you the FC of my 3DS in a minute..... Drat! 3DS's batery is empty, and I let my best friend borrow my DSi and the charger. Oh well, I will sent it as soon as possible then, haha^-^;

    D'awww, thank you^_^
    It's also so that Code and I can play X&Y together then! And she also can borrow game from me. Cause most of my games have multiple game files, so she just can borow them and pley them.

    Oh, talking about playing games together, recently Code and I have started playing Animal Crossing again. It's been a total of 11 months since I last played it XD
    Now we visit eachothers towns, fish together and all everyday. I'm also helping Code to get stuff for her house.

    Yeah, that's true, it's a long while, but think it this way, it could have been longer XP
    Oh, then I'll be sure to wish you a happy b-day in time^_^

    (Heck yeah Fennekin rules! *high five* ^w^)
    Hey Sasaki! ^w^

    Yes, I talked about Mantine before. How Cheren's Cinccino attacked my Mantine, which in return got healed. But, I don't think Water Absorb is a DW ability Sasaki. So, haha, I can't help you with that^-^;

    WOW! Awesome! Say, I also have a 3DS, we should exchange FCs then^_^
    Awesome that you have a special version. I just got the plain black 3DS. Which is also very nice^_^

    Tsk tsk tsk, Sasaki, it's pronounced "only" till October. If it wssn't worldwide, we would have to wait till October... 2014 :p
    Another game I'm waiting for is Fire Emblem Awakening. Which is being released in februari... In teh US. So I have to wait till April untill I can buy it XP

    Talking about the 3DS, I'm planning on giving one to Code as a B-day gift^_^

    Reply to your previous post: Glad to hear your mom isn't doing as bad as I thought^_^
    And, Fennekin is my favorite starter. My favorite animal is the Fox, and seeing that Fennekin is a desert fox/fennek, Fennekin is my favorite. But I have to say, all starters look nice!
    I'm lacking Meloetta and I'm just waiting for GF to release it in the Americas... Thanks for asking to help me though. :)
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