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  • Indeed! I'm amazed it got revealed so early! And it's only less than a year away, for the entire world! I'm trying to be super spoilerfree this time. Probably won't be that difficult as the time that it takes till they are being released isn't that long^_^

    I'm doing very good! Best wishes to you^_^
    And yes: I, code and the rest of my family are still doing great^_^ Awww, sad to hear that Sasaki, I hope your mother gets well soon. And I also hope for you that you will be able to be more around here in the future^_^

    I'm so freaked out for gen 6. It looks so awesome X3
    The 3D is awesome! Yeah, it's too bad there won't be any sprites anymore. But it's the future! I think I will be able to cope with the 3D effects^-^
    I also saw that that character was skating. I wonder of that will be instead of the Bike.
    Holy god! So that's why you sais Fennekin! I though it was a way of saying effing in a nice way. But now I see! A fennek! A dessert fox X3 A foooooox! X3
    FINALLY; A LOLITA FAN!!! About time. About freakin' time....*mumble mumble*

    I don't have the money dor such clothes yet...but i wear dresses and skirts all the time.....I will win for my imagionation, darling~

    You shall know...sometimes, i'm called...Jirachu....I love Riku....

    Your my new best friend here...yes.....

    I like all the princesses. Gah! I frozen up I dunno what else ta say O_O; My favorite disney character is tinkerbell ^_^

    Oh gosh....umn.....you start a topic i duno what else ta say :(



    All your lace...thats even cooler than all your base.....

    Yay! You love my blingees yay <3
    Thanks, I'm very fon dof Emellina as well^_^ And hey, those nicknames are sweet as well! And I got the Luna one, I love Japanese mythologie^_^ And yeah for Golurk.*High five* And I'm not the only one with one, Code's also training one^_^
    And I really like Mantine! I also find his design very appealing. He's a bit more of a special tank, so I gave him a leftover and water viel, so he could take hits and heal at the same time, his attacks aren't too shabby either. Oh, and once I was fighting with Cheren at my side, his Cinccino healed my Mantine by using Aqua Tail on him(He has Water Absorb). I was truly shocked by how smart the AI was!

    Yes, you're able to delete shops. Just accept someone, and then there will be an option to delete one of the shops. I have 2 cafés, so I'll be deleting the lower leveled one at the time I'll be level 15 and get a Nursery(Don't worry, you didn't spoiled me^_^)

    And no, in Holland we don't celebrate halloween. So no trick or threating. I did watch Jeff Dunham Minding the Monsters yesterday together with Code. And I hope you had lots of with with all that candy and movies^_^

    About fighting, I actually lend my DSi to my best friend so he could play Platinum. He's more of a PC/PS gamer, so he doesn't have any DS. So I let him borrow it so he could play Pokémon, and to my surprise, he's really enjoying it^_^
    So, I won't be able to play with my DSi unless I'm at my Dad's(My best friend live RIGHT next to my Dad's:D) And I'm there again in the weekend of 10 November.

    Oh, and my grand-grandmother turned 95 last Sunday. So I went to a birthday party that day, I though it would be boring, but I actually quite amused me that night^_^.
    And earlier that day I went to Madurodam with Codeyokoo. And Code bought a thimbleful there as a present to my grand-grandmother. My grand-grandmother collects those, and Code was so sweet to remember that^w^
    Ohhh, Lady Gaga is pretty dang cool. I like her fashion sense >w<; It's all wild and different. I like wild and different xD
    But, yeah, if you know anything about me. I'm likely to blurt out how I think Riku's a hottie every now and then. Such a pretty silvery haired boy.....WHY CAN'T HE BE REAL! lol I wanna kiss him....
    *huggle's back* N'aww~<3 Thankies^-^

    I like making blingees~;
    Also, I enjoy fashion quite a bit. Mostly I seem to look up lolita. XD Totally addicted to the idea of it #_#; Espesally cuz I love wearing dresses and skirts XD Now I seem to refuse to go so much as a day without them lol.

    Also, I like disney stuff. Espesally the princesses and fairies! And i'm a MAJOR fangirl of riku from kingdom hearts as well though I can only play Chain of Memories on rom for now and no other games (our ps2 broke down).

    I love cutesy pokemon. Pichu, Pikachu, Celebi, Jirachi, Skitty, and, The Clefairy and Jigglypuff lines being some of my favorites. And pretty much any kind of grass type is really cool too me too. x3 Might as well add that.

    Though I use stronger pokemon when battling other people, I guess. I love that my electric type has to be my Jolteon <3 serves me well. I love Hydreigon too.

    Yep, I also looove Hello Kitty. I'm even wearing a t-shirt of her right now! Right for her birthday it is perfect x3;

    I think we are totally gonna be best of friends^-^
    Yay! Thank you! Nobody can ever have too many friends x3; Oh, darling, I must know what your interests are~x3;
    Hi, i'm a nice person who ask's everyone here this XD Wanna be my friend? I like making friends. And making people happy~And sometimes I do wifi battles!
    I already defeated the Champion and am currently exploring the post-game. And I be dure to ask you for help with Pokémon when I need it :D Good luck with the IVs! I heard they are not that easy to perfect.
    And I would love it to battle you Sasaki! My team is Sean(serperior), Azura(Lucario), Lusinge(Zoroark), Ravus(Golurk), Emellina(Mienshao) and Mereau(Mantine)^_^

    I really like the join avenue, I'm, only missing the egg shop that can help you breeding an egg, but for the rest, I have all the shops on level 3 and with the avenue on level 7^_^
    EDIT:Cheren went to the avenue, and I got 1000 points from him!
    Oh, that's a shame Sasaki. Well, at least be glad you're getting it on the release day instead if a few days after that. And you are alse ensured that you will get it, instead of arriving at the game shop only to discover everything has been sold out.

    Haha, good to hear you haven't spoiled yourself too much^_^ And eggs, eh? Typically Sasaki, I kinda was expecting you to do that :D *hugs back in excitement*

    Thank you, I hope the driving goes great as well. But first, the theoretical test, which is probably harder than the actual driving. You're only allowed to make 5 mistakes in the 75 questions.

    When Code and I were going to the shop to buy BW2, it was raining and halfway through, some parts of her bike fell half off(That case thing that's around your chains). So, because it was too dangerous to keep them on, I teared them off. After that my hands were all under that oily stuff, luckily it was raining, so I could halfly wash it out.

    I'm currently breeding with that fantastic Zorua you gave me Sasaki, trying to get a Timid one. Been doing this for 3 hours already ^-^'
    Uh-huh. Had a B-day party yesterday, and it was fun^_^
    The driving test went quite well actually. It was a practice test lesson, but still. Now I have to take the theory lessons before I can step in a car again(I think)
    Shame you won't be good at taking driving lessons because of road rage^-^;

    And congratulations on graduating!!!*Celebration hug* And happy B-day to you too then^_^*B-day hug*
    Truly apic to hear you managed to graduate Sasaki!

    Haha, indeed. Me and Code are going to buy it together on the EU-release date! I'll be picking Black2, and she will pick White2^_^
    Yeah, lucky americans, I was hoping for the same kind of realease like the BW one, but, oh well. Only a week, less worse than the Pt release, haha.

    I'm actually trying to remain spoilerless, so, I have to dissapoint you if you were eager to discuss things with me about BW2^-^'
    Special attack: E-P-I-C B-E-A-R H-U-G

    I'm doing fantastic! I just received a PM from wolftamer, who was the host of Haunted Life, which says I can take over HL. Now I can PM a mod about this, and then I can start Haunted Life Season 2^_^

    And, it was my B-day last Sunday. I also took a practise lesson driving.

    And, how are you doing?:D
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