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  • I see. I think I'll take the Eevee then. I guess the best nature I have on my batch is Naive. Not stunning I suppose, so I'll just throw in a fire stone since I got a few of those too, I can do Pokerus too. How does that sound?
    Looking for egg moves huh? Well in my relativly short time as a breeder, I've bred Poochyena with Me First ( some with DW ability ) Starly with Detect and Roost and a large batch of Maractus with Leech Seed + Giga Drain as a level up move, tho that's more because of me trying to get a shiny one. Interested in any of them?
    Hi, that would be so great! You wouldn't happen to have one with 31 HP IVs would you? (I'm trying to get a Vaporeon) If not that's totally fine. Thanks a bunch! :D Also, you wouldn't happen to have any waterstones would you? My Shellder and Eevee really need it :/ Again, it's fine if you don't :)
    Hehe, not really. Also rain here. So much, that the whole street was blanc, and the pressure of the amount of water shot a manhole into the air. And the water also came up through the drain in the bathroom, so the house also stood blanc. Hehe, I'm happy I wasn't here when that happened.

    Thank you. And no, I'm not an artist. Code is WAY better than me, this is just kindergarden level ^-^;(It's a Porygon2 btw, Porygon-Z doesn't have a neck.)
    But I would love to see your fanart^w^

    And heck yeah I want to battle you this week! I hope it will be a great battle:D
    Yep, a lot of people say the 90's was the best modern decade to grow up in :D I can't say I disagree lol

    I don't think it will be hard for you to find Hey Arnold episodes online, but if you want to be moralistic about it, you can buy the DVD's of the seasons on amazon :p
    OMG I also watched the movie last year and felt the same way :p And heck yes, remember waking up on Saturdays just to watch the new episodes of Pokemon? That was amazing
    Sorry, went afk for abit
    Anything that isn't a patrat or other junks will do.
    Just msg me again when you're ready to trade.
    What do you have for regular shinies I'm not to interested in flawless shinies bit if that's all you got then what do you have and sorry but I treat flawless shinies in trades the same I do non flawless and flawed shinies
    And what you trade is up to you, only thing I need is to "talk" to your avatar (the thing that says "XX wants to play!" (you can say no after you see this msg)) for the join avenue.
    My fc is 3955 3275 2495, msg me yours and we can trade.
    Ok, I don't have any flawless, shiny poke's. But I do have a Shiny Glaceon, Lv. 75 I think, from VGC. Was an Eevee, but I turned it into a glaceon, I don't know if you really want it, it has been touched, mostly by Rare Candies, but it has been used before. Ot is VGC10. Shiny Pichu Spring 2010, UT. Japanese Pichu, not shiny but with volt tackle. Japanese Pikachu with volt tackle too
    Not saying I necessarily want to trade, but what flawless shinies do you have?
    I have a Heat Wave Male Litwick with modest nature, if I do see anything interesting.
    LOL! I read the entire thread, too. It was very amusing. XD Thanks. Some people brought up good points of argument, but the ones who were whining and whining... Ugh.

    Hehe! Same here! I hate Twilight with a passion. It's an AWFUL series, and its grammar is hideous. For example, in Eclipse, they actually say 'who's' when they mean to say 'whose.' YOU HAVE TO TRY TO BE THAT FREAKING STUPID, MEYER! >_<
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