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SASHA the master

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  • No prob. :) And wow, cool! I myself don't really like using the simulators a ton though... I mostly like Wi-Fi battles, hehe. But still, those are cool! I have heard of them. :)
    Wow, really?! That is... awesome! Wow... that is a lot... to have beaten the World Championships... woah. (Sorry, but for a newbie to Pokémon like me, that is just amazing) :eek:
    thanks, i'll be on the lookout for it, but actually I haven't been very active on any of the forums other than competitive after my school started.
    Haha, I remember facing that team during Moody clause. I only managed to do damage because I used some weird chople berry Ttar set. I definitely will use it when I have the time, but now, I have a lot of schoolwork.......
    Ah, I was just looking at it actually xD I'll probably try it out on the ladder sometime soon, as I've actually never played smashpass before, and I've been meaning to try it. Seems like a nice challenge.
    Hey Sasha, I had a conversation with ybss just now.

    (17:06) DracoMaster|LANCE: Hey, why aren't you on Skyward Island anymore?
    (17:06) Sandglass: i disbanded it because i hated sasha..
    (17:06) DracoMaster|LANCE: What happened between you two?
    (17:07) Sandglass: he took my alt ybsstes t,
    (17:07) Sandglass: and i hate him a lot
    (17:07) Sandglass: hes bad guy
    (17:07) DracoMaster|LANCE: What else did he do?
    (17:07) DracoMaster|LANCE: I'll speak to him about that.
    (17:07) Sandglass: ah its fine
    (17:09) Sandglass: anyways
    (17:09) Sandglass: contact me on 2ch
    (17:09) Sandglass: :p
    (17:09) DracoMaster|LANCE: Yeah, I auto-joined that channel already :)
    (17:09) Sandglass: alright
    (17:10) DracoMaster|LANCE: I still want to know the full story behind what happened with Sasha though.
    (17:10) DracoMaster|LANCE: Because he's now my fellow leader of Dragon Masters.
    (17:10) DracoMaster|LANCE: And you're my friend.
    (17:10) Sandglass: i just hate sasha with a lot of reasons lol
    (17:10) Sandglass: ah..
    (17:10) DracoMaster|LANCE: I have to solve this problem.
    (17:10) DracoMaster|LANCE: Yeah, but do you have right reasons to hate him?
    (17:10) DracoMaster|LANCE: Did he disrespect you?
    (17:10) Sandglass: yes
    (17:10) Sandglass: he said my clan sucks
    (17:11) DracoMaster|LANCE: I see...
    (17:11) Sandglass: i think all of my clan members are like my son&daughters
    (17:11) DracoMaster|LANCE: Well, I'll speak to him..

    What was this all about?

    Also, ybss is still the leader of 2ch, just so you know.
    Oh, what a coincidence... I have also prepared a channel last night known as #New Island. Anyway, it doesn't matter which one we use. See you in about seven hours' time :)
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