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SASHA the master

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  • Ah, that's cool. I'll ask aLiEn Mw if he will be available at that time.

    Anyway, I think Noivern, Vivillon and Talonflame all look and sound extremely awesome. I can't wait for Pokémon X and Y to come out either xD
    Hey, Sasha.

    How about we just make the clan tag [DM]? My clan is called Dragon Rush, but we still use [DR] as our clan tag.

    Anyway, what exact date do you plan to make this appointment?
    Hey, do you know of a person in your clan known as Masters/NTOGG? Imma Fly is suspicious of who he may be, and wants you to confirm if that person is really a member of your clan. Thanks.
    Awesome lyrics! They were incredibly epic :D

    Unfortunately, I can't really criticize them or try to improve on them though, as music is far from my specialty :(

    I was looking through my saved replays today, and found this piece of gem. You recognize the name of your opponent in that battle, right?
    The reason I use Jolly over Adamant on Cloyster is because Jolly allows it to outrun Choice Scarf Genesect after a Shell Smash. Consider a situation in which Cloyster has its Focus Sash broken, has used Shell Smash once, and there is a layer of entry hazard on your field, while the opponent sends out a Choice Scarf Genesect (or any other Pokémon faster than a +2 Adamant Cloyster, but slower than a +2 Jolly Cloyster). If Cloyster is slower than the opponent's revenge-killer, then it gets taken out before it can use Rapid Spin, making Smeargle's Focus Sash doomed to be broken for the rest of the match.

    I only have one exam this semester, on the 17th of June, although I also have a group presentation and two essays due on the 5th, 6th and 7th of June, respectively, so I'll be quite busy very soon, since I have started working on none of those tasks so far. I hope I'll see you online soon as well :)
    I'm doing great! I haven't used Pokémon Showdown! in a while, but I'll get into it again very soon because... the Sleep Clause has been, at least temporarily, lifted!

    I saw the news regarding Pokémon X and Y. The new Pokémon look extremely awesome! I'll be looking forward to your new rap as well.

    Also, I have actually already read this page, but chose not to respond to any of emboarrocks's arguments, as I found many of the comments made throughout his posts, such as "Would some grammer hurt?", "Lol. You haven't listed one counter that isn't laughable.", "Good for you", "First of all, nice triple post. Nice grammer too." and "Yeah... You have great logic. " to be exceedingly disrespectful, and as such I do not consider him to be worthy of being exposed to my arguments (since it hardly matters to me whether or not a being of his caliber gets enlightened with the truth). I have reported two of his posts in that thread, and requested that whichever moderator sees said reports edits his posts to remove the disrespectful contents.
    There's no need to apologize to me at all for losing, as I have personally completely stopped caring about the Ubers Premier League anyway after what Furai did at the end of week 1. I suggested the idea of ceasing to take said tournament seriously and beginning to troll it instead to both puregenius and Sheetanshu, but they both refused... I personally cannot even begin to understand how they can continue playing by the rules of this tournament like that despite the clear injustice they have been faced with. It is really no different from playing a game of chess with someone, being insulted by the opponent halfway through the game, and then continuing to calmly and respectfully finish off the game with the opponent (who has now clearly established themselves to be an enemy) in spite of that (yes, I am aware that people insult others in the midst of Pokémon battles all the time on online Pokémon battling simulators, but people continue their battles in spite of that not out of respect for their opponent, but rather because their ladder points and/or win-loss records are often on the line in such situations, and also because people are forced to play fairly in such games regardless as it is near-impossible to make an illegal move on such simulators anyway). To agree to play a fair game with someone is something that invariably involves showing them some level of respect... a level of respect that Furai, and Smogon in general, do not deserve. What I mean is... why exactly do people play games? Is it not to have fun? Imagine the very idea of approaching your enemy and then challenging them to a game of chess. What exactly would be the point of that? Exactly how fun would it be to play a game with someone when you have no expectations of them having the decency to play fairly (given that they are the enemy), and since they are the enemy, then there is no point in even entertaining them with said game in the first place anyway?
    Hahahahaha! Great job! I noticed that my post in this thread, along with Furai's post in which he claimed to have beaten The Blazing Glaciers, have also been deleted. Maybe he took that as a precaution in case words about his battle being staged got leaked out? xD Did that happen before or after he sent the latest message in your conversation with him on Smogon, by the way?
    Thank you very much :) Did you see these two posts of mine as well?

    I also read your post and Donkey's response to it as well. They were highly amusing :D

    Anyway, Triforce of Power is my latest account on Smogon. I won't post with it until after I vote in the upcoming Sleep Clause test though.

    On a related note, did you see my recent posts on the Pokémon Online forums under this account?
    I was disqualified from the Ubers Premier League as Furai found out who I am (apparently, Princess Bri snitched on me)... but I do wish you the best of luck in that tournament, my dear friend! I want to see you completely and absolutely tearing apart every single trainer who stands in your path with the +2 attacks of Shadow of Illusion's Dialga and Kyurem-W! I want to see a battle like this one occurring again as many times as it needs to in order to allow you to win every single match in the upcoming tournament, especially against Donkey himself! Though I am no longer able to battle for the Ubers Premier League, we are still ultimately a part of the same team, and thus our hearts will beat as one! Swear, that even if the Earth is torn asunder, The Defiant Durians will definitely stand victorious in this league!
    OK, thank you.

    I must say that Princess Bri/Problems/Kollegah/White symphoni and Emily Zhang are entirely unconnected to each other, as they both found out about Shadow of Illusion through entirely different means. Emily Zhang got the team off a replay of mine on Pokémon Showdown!, whereas Princess Bri/Problems/Kollegah/White symphoni got it as someone took the team off the PasteBin document I sent you and shared it with them.

    As for dewhinifier, I don't think he is connected to either of the aforementioned groups. He has an account here, and I used to interact with him a lot in the 5th Gen Competitive Discussion forum a lot, so chances are he just clicked on my profile out of curiosity and found over conversation, and therefore our team.

    And yeah, I saw your post. Great work, you described the very nature of Pokémon Mastery very well :)
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