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  • Alright, that helps quite a bit. Movesets probably won't be that hard to figure out I think.
    Are there any good leads? Or has that role in a sense been eliminated?
    Well that's pretty good. So the trio are more sweepers? What are some popular or good walls/tanks?
    I kinda figured Zoroark would suck. Though maybe in the future it would be a good challenge to try and use.
    Alright, well that's good to know. Going through the fifth Gen Pokemon, I kinda like the musketeer trio and Zoroark the most.
    Basically things such as which Pokemon fit the roles of a team, common movesets perhaps. Teambuilding? Not entirely sure. I don't need a lot of information, just enough to get started a little.
    Wonjoon told me that you'd be willing to tutor me about the 5th Gen.
    I'd just like to say thanks for doing this.
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