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Satomine Night

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  • Well I'm sure you had your new avatar for a while. It was funny because I would see other users responding to you but I kept thinking to myself that I kept passing through your posts lol! I'm never going to change my avatar simply because I fell in love with it the moment I saw it and seeing that it's been over 5 years, if I decided to change but want it back, it'll be very difficult for me to find it again. And no, my bad thoughts have nothing to do with my Worst Part of Your Day thread posts. I did write it once when I was feeling overwhelmed but deleted it an hour later (only one user saw it before I deleted it.) I felt much better after writing down what was on my mind on a document and weirdly enough, scrolling through PAD and commenting on topics makes me happier yet I avoid it when I'm feeling down. xD I don't remember what we talking about on the PM so it doesn't matter. I remember last week, I wrote a PM to Dan and right when I sent it, Serebii didn't send it (I had to log in again) and didn't save it so I was like forget it! Of course I told him afterwards.
    Oh how embarrassing! I didn't recognize you with the changed avatar until I saw your name. I actually thought you were Akkipedia being bipolar lol!! (and I'm aware of what his avatar picture looks like which is even funnier.) So glad to see you again! (I've been out for a few days battling bad thoughts and couldn't really think of what to contribute on the topics.)
    I'm alright, I've been pretty busy lately due to my current job.
    Oh and someone sent me a summary for the 2 unaired BW episodes last week. Apparently they're legit.
    So, since Team Skull hasn't been in the anime lately, I guess this is what they've been doing.. :p

    What's with those cosplay Pikachu and the faces they're making?!
    Lol, Blue was running very weird, like he had to go to the bathroom real bad or something. ^_^

    You know...I've always wondered what Guzma has been up to, since he hasn't been in the anime yet, and now I know. Really Guzma....you've resorted to this?!? This guy needs a new hobby I think. :p
    Christmas was ok. And no worries about sharing the video after the holiday, it's snowing where I live. It's funny that Gladion is wearing a Christmas sweater lol! :p This was a very good music video. This must one out of a thousand Pokémon music videos stored in the mind of Satomine. :D
    Yeah, that's a bit late there lol, but still funny. :p

    Edgelord's shirt was hilarious and so was his expression. I also thought the mistletoe with Kukui and Burnet was kind of funny, but cute as well. ^_^
    Thank you so much for the PokeShipping gift! It's gorgeous, and like I said in the Shippers Secret Santa thread I love Ash and Misty's outfits. Happy Holidays! :D
    No, Hau probably just pinned a ponytail on him, because he thought it'd look good.

    Lol, I don't know know wth that was, but if I had to give an explanation, I would say that Jesse, James, and Meowth are responsible. They caused Giovanni to take a "little something" to relax, and that's what happened to him. ^_^

    Ya know...it's not enough that Hau coerced these people into dancing, but now ice skating too?! Dam you Hau! :p Also, Looker and Nanu definitely should not be doing this dance, especially Nanu (what a said look on his face).
    Looks like Hau is back to coercing more people! That boy just never quits, does he?! :p
    Ugh but that's the thing. I actually got a callback but... I didn't answer the phone and I haven't called back yet. The thing is, it's out of state (I still can't believe they'll contact someone who's over 1000 miles away from them) and I'm worried about what everyone around me would think, the pay, and if they're ok with me being from out of state... it was a place I always wanted to visit but I have no ties to it.
    Gladion doesn't like Hau in the games, I mean, he did let Lillie be captured at one point (Acerola's Trial), so Hau has to be coercing Galdion into doing these vids. ^_^

    I actually liked that song lol, and Galdion was cool! Someone should've told Galdion to just "drop it" already. (Another instance where Hau is forcing Galdion to dance..) :p
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