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Satomine Night

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  • Ha! Acerola trying coerce Hau?! Nice try there Satomine, but I don't think so. We truly know how Hau is and in your latest find, I bet you that Hau was the cameraman and he was probably holding something threatening or told them something threatening to coerce Galdion and Sun. Actually I think Hau's secret is those Malasadas! Yeah, he probably gives "special" ones to Galdion and whoever he runs into, which automatically gives Hau control over those people, like spiking the malasadas with something.
    He is good at seducing people! Look, he even seduced Acerola!! That Hau, who does he think he is, making people do all these dances?!

    I saw the Incineroar one after I watched the Sceptile one. Apparantly there's quite a few of them, with not only those Pokemon lol.
    !!! Not these again!!! Well, that was funny I must admit, and I think I've seen that video before (I think you sent it to me a long time ago). I don't know if Hau threatened Gladion, but if you remember, Hau can be pretty good at seducing people, especially Gladion! :p

    Anyway, who says that Sceptile can't dance?! ^_^
    Yeah, you're not kidding when you say you lose inspiration due to stress and being busy, I am the same way. :p I always look forward to seeing your new banners (not sure if I should keep an eye on the thread to see if you posted anything) and feedback is always appreciated. It hopes enhance your work.
    Yoooo I heard the news. Congrats on making a thread for your graphics!! Great note to admit that there won't be a regular schedule or deadline on when you'll create new banners and such. I think some users would get passionately angry if they don't get their requested banner in a certain amount of time. ^^; Always create them because you want to and it's fun, not for egotistical reasons. I always love seeing your graphics!!!
    Huh, that;s pretty neat! It sounds like you put a lot of thought into the meaning for the name you chose - I always appreciate that. :D

    Also yay for fellow fans of the tranquility of nighttime! I love going for walks in the evening.
    Oh my gosh, thank you for pointing that out! Somehow I managed to mangle both parts of your name! :S

    I have fixed it! Out of curiosity, what does your username mean? :>
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