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Satomine Night

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  • Yeah exactly, that's the one, except the song's different. (A way cuter song in the link I sent).I really love that MMD.
    Pity, the first one is basically all the XY characters dancing. It's really good, and the models are spot on.

    And lol the Ultra Beasts dancing. I guess that's the true reason why Lusamine was so angry at her kids and wanted to summon the UB's. She wanted someone to do her ritual with her. :)

    This was one of the first SM MMD I watched. I was laughing like crazy, and at the same time was hoping Chris Hansen wasn't going to catch me : https://youtu.be/rScx0d33NMg
    Thank Arceus, that this wasn't the intro for when you reach the Battle Tree in SM. :p
    Oh, okay. Sorry. ^_^; Looks like I'm the one who nees to be able to detect that kind of stuff better.

    But yeah, it's a little too soon to give up on Mallow. I'm disappointed she didn't catch King Louie but it's not the end of the world.
    Lol, I have to respectfully disagree with your speculation. I think Hau is behind all of this, because I think he's the one that's holding the camera and coerced them both in dancing like that and to that song. Hau has some "special" influence on people and I always find him guilty, until proven innocent!!
    What in the name of Arceus was that?! That was complete randomness and didn't make any sense whatsoever lol. Honestly, whoever made that has too much time on their hands. :D
    Lillie looks so weird and horrible in that last one you sent lol.

    Yes, the Yokai Excercises were painful too, but Ilima was funny though. :p
    Yeah, i noticed!!! Sometimes, it's painful to see Gladion, the Edgelord! dance like that lol.

    (Okay, well I found a video for you then. :p )
    So...remember last week when Ash was "shaking his booty" to help Rockruff? Heh, this right here, was the real reason why he was doing it, to impress his Harem! Even Popplio liked it!

    Pretty slick move there Ashy boy!
    Sigh...the livestream that I was watching this morning, cut out halfway through the battle, so I missed the Z-moves being used and such. I guess I'll have to watch the episode later when I get home.

    Pikachu can't jump rope I guess, btw. :p
    I don't know but I felt like I was in trance while watching that. :eek: They're a couple posers if you ask me. :p
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