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Satomine Night

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  • I wasn't really browsing lol. I just noticed it on the right side when I was watching an MMD video and clicked on it. Then a bunch more came up on the suggestion list. ^_^
    So, remember you mentioned Mallow and Lana coercing Kiawe the other night..? Yeah, they're still doing it, look here!
    It's that Tapu Cocoa, I'm telling you. Seriously, though, Hau in a dress is pretty fabulous, I'm not gonna lie.

    Why is there a giraffe in this video?
    Ah, I see.

    You're disturbed?!!! I think I'm more disturbed seeing Hau like that!! Dude is going to give me nightmares. :eek: I thought the Edgelord was bad, but Hau is definitely the winner in this one. I thought Lillie looked alright in Gladion's outfit thought. :p
    I guess you could be right, especially about Hau messing with Gladion. So then, are you suggesting that Hau is holding the camera in Gladion's vid?

    Lol! Wth was Gladion doing in the background. It reminds me of Red having trouble with this door or whatever he's doing here. :p
    Nah, it's probably Sun who's holding the camera. You know how Lillie and Gladion like to coerce him. Do you think Lillie is holding the camera for the Edgelord's sexy vid here?
    That's true, I didn't think about the gathering of Akala Island Trial Captains. Uhh...really, Kiawe is the new victim? What the hell is wrong with these creators?! :p

    Nah, that didn't do it, Kiawe is still on my brain, with those pompoms. >_<

    I'm okay, just living the dream (relaxing and browsing Serebii). xD
    Why....WHY KIAWE?! Lillie should be in there and not Kiawe. Kiawe does look perturbed too btw. This is worse than the Edgelord dancing and looking ridiculous.

    Btw, how are you? ^_^
    Not really. I didn't bother to change the automatic option. I never really had a favorite Pokémon outside of the popular Pokémon like Pikachu, Oshawott, Alan Exeguttor, Eevee, etc. ^^
    It could be worse...Ash could clone himself and we'd have to see multiple Ash's dancing!!! The horror!
    That's fine (and yes, please no Aria! Her fashion choices [I[]are[/I] to die for!)

    It's definitely the latter.
    Yeah it is partially to you but mainly to those who dare send me another link to something weird lol. :p Wow, I think this video is my favorite so far a close tie to Kukui dancing to Britney Spears and the last video of Guzma dancing. :D Yeah Hala got those moves down! I can't dance to save my life but I enjoy seeing others dance. This video was done really well, I got sucked into the choreography and transition from group to group. Poor Gladion, I'm glad he doesn't have access to Youtube to see what fans have been doing to his body.
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