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Satomine Night

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  • I meant your profile picture, sorry! I keep mixing profile picture with avatar in my head for some reason, haha. ^^;
    Although your avatar is cute too. :)

    And yes, I agree so much!! I'm loving the animation style, it feels so loose and fluid, and I love how much character everyone in the show has thanks to it. I'm also loving all the expressions and movements Ash has this region, he's finally having some life breathed into him. It's honestly something I've missed, he'd started to feel a bit too stiff recently. I love that the animators are really showing his personality more. I also don't know if this is maybe mostly due to the animation style, but I also feel like he's being written better? Like they're balancing out his serious trainer side with his goofy, excitable kid side so nicely.

    I died when Ash got headbutted by that Milotic, and I even thought him running into the wall repeatedly in the Sophocles episode was really funny!

    Yeah, I've been wanting to post in other threads as well, but then I get nervous about jumping in too late or just repeating what everyone else has already said. It's silly, I know, but I'm an anxious person in general ^^; This is my first time being truly active on a forum. But I am having fun so far! And I really do want to join in discussions on other threads, too (like the episode discussions thread and such). And thank you! :) I really want the opening post on the Aurelia thread to be nice and orderly so that new members, or even just curious people, can easily get a short intro! It makes me really happy to hear that someone likes it ^^

    I actually really enjoy reading your posts over on the episode discussions! I really agree with the points you bring up, and you seem to enjoy the same things about the episodes/anime that I do. :) I've also seen people using graphics you've made in their signatures, and they look so cute/cool! :D
    Thank you for accepting my friend request! :)
    Love your avatar btw! I'm really enjoying the new artstyle in the anime, I think it's great they're trying something new for change. Ash and Pikachu look so good in that style. ^^

    You, are awesome for doing this. Do you know how to get it to display as an image? When I try and preview it, it just shows a little 'unable' square other than the adorable Lana and Mallow :/
    You should. If you like extremely dry take the mickey out of everybody in existence kinda thing, then it'll definitely be up your street.

    It was, and those poor children. One day they will learn of the greatness of the Sub and Japanese Raw and will learn that the Pokemon Dub is one of the worst when it comes to censorship of extremely crucial events in the history of the villain arc.
    Yeah, I agree, which is why I prefer the subs over dubs.

    Oh trust me, its a lot dryer than you may think. You have not seen British satire before, and if you have then you'll understand how far we can go without offending ourselves. Yeah, TPCi didn't wanna get on the wrong side of the church again. However, Ash was in the crucifix position in the episode before this one, which makes it weird changing it from one episode to the next. Nowadays, children are way more aware of things than adults take them for. However, some kids may connect it to the Incredibles instead, depending on what they watched growing up. Other cartoons have used that pose before and got away with it.
    I agree, the quality of the dub was atrocious and I loved that Japanese episode.

    No, I don't. The scene would be the same with dub. We have a wide mixture of religions so much so that Christianity is not that much over 50%. Plus, we'd be fine with it, our sense of humour is dry to say the least and we have had more violent scenes in kids shows than being attacked by light beams. There would be no editing but the dub would have been done. No drunk Ash or anything.

    I also agree, there were parts where I thought Ash had suddenly turned into a girl due to the VA. It was weird and uncomfortable.

    P.S made the same mistake you did... ooops!
    That's okay, it happens sometimes.

    Disney have been known to treat their cartoons with some respect. I have no idea if Disney XD in Britain will showcase Sun and Moon, or if like Cartoon Network, we don't get it due to the difference in channels depending on regional variation. In other words, British Cartoon Network didn't even have Pokemon as a part of its listings!!! I do prefer the sub but still listen to the dub anyway. However, what the dub did to last week's XYZ episode was atrocious. So what, A move with the same Christian like position can come over here but it has to be completely changed in Pokemon is weird and changing the screaming to Ash sounding like he's drunk?! What madness is this!!! Pokemon have shown worse things than that before, much worse. Even Pikachu Thunderbolting Ash into unconciousness in Black and White was shown and the two are the same in premise, the kid gets hurt.
    Lana may have an odder side to her. She has quite the imagination, she sure does dream big!! :)
    I could've sworn I was a Tree in my past life! :D

    Well, they definitely don't seem like the energetic, enthusiastic type of children we normally see like with Bonnie or the Daycare children aside from squeezing Pikachu's face. "insert the children getting shocked for once" I don't know, they still give me the creeps. I bet it's hard for Lady Lana to impress them. I don't think they'll get much screentime. Maybe a few teasing antics and Ash finds himself a fishing rod at Lady Lana's house. It'll be funny to see if one of them did have some of Ash's personality. I'm sure he could influence them in some way. I am too!! ^_^
    I don't have Psychic powers, just speculate lol.

    Well, the main thing is that they give me a bit of an odd feel like they're sadistic and knowing on how they treat Ash's Pikachu. They are little versions of Lana lol! At least they wear different shirts to tell each other apart and probably what their favorite Pokémon is (Shellder and Slowpoke).
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