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Satomine Night

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  • Well it was a few other things before saying, "Screw it! Just write something!" (Delia K didn't stay, "Alan's #1 Fan", Amour isn't canon :D, Amused by your lies) Those girls creep me out. Like I told Pokegirl, they're so identical that they remind me of the twin girls from The Shining. Those emotionless, death glaring eyes says it all. And their merciless sadistic way of touching Pikachu and just asking to be shocked must mean something. It's fun predicting but it's even funner when unexpected things happened like Rowlet being apart of a Pikpek family instead of being attacked from them like Ash was in the past. While I don't think most of my predictions will come true, we'll still speculate.
    To be honest, I don't really have a personal opinion regarding the network switch (since I don't watch the dub). However, given the complaints I've read about Cartoon Networks' treatment of Pokémon, I suppose the move to Disney XD can only be a good thing. If nothing else, being associated with the Disney name certainly can't hurt, right?
    I really enjoyed them Satomine! The music was the same, it was funny yet exciting at the same time, but not as much as the original Japanese, no opening yet but I can live with that! I can't wait until it starts. Now I have a question for you. What do you think of Pokemon moving to Disney XD and Cartoon Network losing its last anime?
    Ok, I watched the episodes again. That scene, I think Lillie didn't want her Bounsweet to jump in her face again which she feared. She did look a bit.. brave giving Mao chan the iPad about her recipe.

    I agree.
    I think Lillie was startled by Bounsweet jumping into her face. I'll watch it again later when I have time.

    I can see Ash and Prof Kukui having a father son relationship, they're already hanging out together instead of the average giving out Pokémon information like the past Professors. They're spending quality time together and judging by Prof Kukui's alone scenes, he keep things a secret from Ash and they seem to be hitting it off. I do want to see Prof Kukui discipline him or not agree with everything he does. I hope we see more interactions between them. Boys are boys, they have quite an appetite! :)
    Oh yeah, that is true. It's nice that some of my predictions came true. R.I.P. Mao chan and Mimikyu, camouflage buddies. I do consider myself a bit clairvoyant in the sense of having the gut feeling of knowing that something in the future will happen like everyone else. I burst into joy when Mao chan called herself that, it's like she read my mind! :D There's also some tension between them, I knew they would have some type of complicated relationship! Now it's time for Lillie to tease Mao chan next time! >:3 I'm just someone who has a creative imagination. I'll still have hope for Lillie being Prof Kukui's live in assistant despite it not being shown yet. We must know where Lillie lives!
    I sure do hope that deepness to her character translates to the anime. She definitely is seeming to be the most deep from what spoilers I've seen.
    [I do. There have been times where I wanted to own a real-life mouse as well although I question my ability to handle animals]

    [When did you first get into Pokemon?]
    [I've been fascinated with mice ever since I was a young child. I often watched Cartoon Network which in its early days ran classic cartoons most of time and there was a fair share of cartoons with mice as characters. Tom and Jerry, Speedy Gonzales, you name it.

    So naturally, when I played Smash Bros. 64 for the first time, I checked out all the characters, but the one that has been my main since then has been Pikachu. Checking out the character bios section in SSB 64 I noticed that Pikachu was a mouse Pokemon. So, yeah, Pikachu has been my Smash main for all of time - Pichu was a secondary main of sorts for me in Melee.

    Cartoon mice come in all kinds of varieties - there's characters like Mickey (the Disney mascot), then there's characters like Jerry who are often outwitting cats (in his case, Tom).]

    [What Pikachu shipping is your top one?]
    I don't know whether or not the link I posted was against the rules or not so I removed it just in case. ^^
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