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Satomine Night

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  • It's actually my favourite screenshot from the Team Flare arc... It was Steven being cool, it was Diantha finally being cool, in the same frame, so yeah.
    I changed cuz this is more relatable. Still have the profile pic featuring him. Just I'm a writer who is female who likes cats and ghost types, which Shauntal is.
    I believe that Lillie will be Professor Kukui's live in assistant and be a sister figure to Ash. I too would love if Ash had to share a house with a girl. And think about the times where Pikachu is at home and Lillie is alone with him... >:D I am happy that Ash is finally having a father like figure at home (that is if they establish that relationship). I'll only change my tagline once we actually see Delia leave. It is only natural and very respectful for Ash to be more polite around adults or COTDs. Maybe Ash seems so rumbustious is because his traveling companions (Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie) usually uses polite language especially Clemont. I think Professor Kukui will be serious whenever the time is needed. I do want to see him discipline Ash from time to time I mean he's been traveling for quite some time, it wouldn't be considered rude to follow some rules and punish him when he decides not to listen. I do think that he is patient but it'll be interesting to see how far Ash'll test him. Kukui can't be just a chill, laidback guy all the time (and kids can do that to you), same with Principal Samson. I think he's a genius despite his stale nonexistent sense of humor.
    Thank you!! It took a while to get it. I actually wanted the screenshot of Mao chan and Queen Lillie next to each other in the classroom... which is also one of the reasons on why I predicted them to have a unique friendship even before this was posted. Here's the scene of them next to each other: https://youtu.be/QgkOhkfxrm4?t=52 I think the girls are just smiling at the camera. But my wishful thinking is also that they are smiling Ash, welcoming him to Alola. I think Togedemaru is going to sock Pikachu, both literally and figuratively.

    I think Mallow and Lillie are going to be good friends. Judging by a few scenes like where Lillie answered the Alolan formed Exeguttor correctly while Mallow looks a bit clueless or them sitting together. Mao chan looks like the type to daydream during class or not pay attention and Lillie is the teacher's pet. I just feel that they may have some tension like a few arguments/fights due to their contrasting differences like how Mallow seems a bit oblivious and content with letting Bounsweet be touched by Lillie while she's looking a bit scared/frightened of it maybe Mao chan did that on purpose... or not. They both seem like they'll have fun interactions with each other just like how Mallow is very similar to Ash while Ash is very different from Lillie.

    I was thinking Lana would be late to school occasionally due to her having to deal with getting her sisters ready for school but since I just saw a small clip of her actually in the classroom (but not at her desk), I wonder what she's doing. It would be nice to see if she is a bit late to class but that'll give her a bad first impression.
    Alan is quite the fashion mess. It's a good thing the Fashion Police haven't found him yet lol.
    Yeah, she should tag along and have the fashionista expert guide him through looking marvelous~ ! I always thought that Manon's outfit looked like what a farm girl or person from the countryside would wear.

    I think Alan getting a Z Ring is a possibility but it determines if the writers want him to appear and have it. It would be a sight to see and quite hilarious to see someone like Alan doing the dance lol!! He'll be talented if he could wag his ears lol!!
    Haha true!! One can dream how their conversation will go. As for Alan's fashion, I KNOW! He doesn't know how to dress himself (those socks he wore while working with Platane were horrific lol). I'd like to see Manon or someone else to fore him to go shopping and give him a makeover. XD I would love it if his story was continued through specials like it was in the Acts and it's even more exciting that SM didn't drop Mega Evolution and the Z Ring can activate it as well so Alan's journey to ifnd an alternative way to Mega evolve his Charizard will be a success!! I hope we see Alan and Manon more often in the future.
    Yeah, I expected a lot more from her. It isn't too late despite there was a timeskip. I think Alan will bring it up to her at some point. I'd like to see how Manon will catch him off guard now that his party is over and everything supportive that's been said has been said. I hope they have a meaningful conversation alone soon though I won't expect it. Alan's story doesn't seem completed yet and I think we'll still see him before XY&Z ends.
    T'was a beautiful time to defend him. :,) I agree, Platane was in the dark for most of Alan's research on Mega Evolution but he did suspect him of possibly unorthodox methods... but he was clearly used by Lysandre and Team Flare. I like it that Alan is having a hard time forgiving himself... and he probably never will. Ash did only see his nice side though their only interactions were really them battling like the battle crazy power junkies that they are lol. Lysandre all played them for fools. I thought that at first Manon would be more upset with him but she got shafted to a very small role (the one to receive Hari san) in the main anime and stayed near Lysandre to see him battle at the Kalos League. I wished she had more screentime.. their short conversation (we didn't even see them have a big reunion) was sort of said at the wrong time, it should've been them talking about it alone when the conflict was over. I guess she was more focused on getting back Hari san and Alan yelling at her. I still believe that only a few selected people knew that Alan was working for Team Flare though it was hinted in last week's episode that he returned after doing something.
    An apologist is pretty much supporting and defending a controversial thing. I actually wrote that while defending him at the time where he beat Ash in the League lol! But no, there's no special qualifications. I just enjoy defending him (even though sometimes I'm half joking when I say "Alan did nothing wrong" or just to trigger a few users) when I feel what someone said was wrong like saying he should die just because he beat Ash in the League but I agree with some people say he got off/was forgiven too easily.
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