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Satoshi & Touko

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  • Hmn, thats interesting :3 I'm guessing you enjoy learning, too? :D

    Have you ever watched my little pony? :)

    Yeah proboards is a sad place now.
    yup :) it took 3 days but i finally got it. thank you very much for helping me get that statement.
    Dialz told me you have aspergers, too! *hug*

    Also, I think i thought you were a girl at first XD You had a character with pigtails in your sig, from what i recall :3 I live for girly things so i can relate to ya for that.
    Oh okay :)

    I have yummy ice cream at my house^^ I don't really like waiting to eat more of it XD haha
    thanks, i thought my minimal playtime of the game had made my daily effort rank fall for the most part. though it doesnt bother me much if it drops.
    i have a small question for you regarding my stats in the plaza. i know most of my stats are relatively high in comparison with those you happen to interact with atleast in certain areas. im just wondering how my minimal maintenance of the game has led to a low rating for daily effort.
    Oh well I don't mind that, but I can see it can put people off buying said remake. :3
    yeah, i had a few options to win that battle, 1 extra moonlight, a poison hax or a second SPA drop. i had PP maxed all other moves but moonlight and gastro acid... while im a bit salty i still lost, i'll gladly accept it as i was the perfect scenario for Bellossom. there were other battles where sludge bomb failed to KO but the poison hax went into effect on the last use and KO'd the pkmn. i had gastro acid on that Bellossom but never thought to use it on slowbro, no good chance for it.

    the Weavile/Togekiss combo was pretty good though it did come down to speed ties a few times and the choice of fake out. throat chop took out a few pkmn weak to ice or psychic.
    WOW, i had the best battle of the 37 or so battles it was a loss but lady luck wasnt on my side with insufficient damage done and no PP up on moonlight. it was everything i wanted to showcase about that certain grass type pkmn, especially with the pkmn they happened to bring to the battle. its its a bit stally but its what i was trying to do.
    small clue,its the cutest pkmn on my team.
    the battle: QBWW-WWWW-WWW8-4H2D
    thanks. i havent really used the lower rated tents much either. its an interesting question to be rather honest.

    im not sure if i'll get back my lottery tent or not but im considering to keep 2 fortune tents, though im not sure which rated tents i'll be choosing yet. i really dont have much luck in the tent anyway and the gold bottle cap at this point isnt as important (though useful) at this point.
    im happy to have it too, i'll be able to catch Suicune after 10yrs. im just hoping to get Kanto 1* to "wish" away intruders without too much trouble.

    do the lower fortune tents have lower chances of a good fortune or are they equal for the most part in the luck based fortune?
    thank you very much for Johto 3*, i decided to keep sinnoh 3* and get rid of treasure hunt 4*. i'll now be able to get stacked FC and raise the level faster. i had to change up my 5* lottery tent a bit to meet the goals for the global mission.
    im aiming for lvl 500 atm but only when i have good plaza fortunes. there are days where i dont level up at all.
    thanks, i'll get it tomorrow morning, i want to atleast boost my plaza level up to 460 (atm lvl 457) before putting Johto 3* in Sinnoh 3*'s position. i should be able to get very close to 460 by the morning.
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