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Satoshi & Touko

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  • As excited as ever! I can't wait to see what the mystery plush is. My bet is that it's another Lycanroc form, since not only would it make sense to have a form that is based on twilight (when it is neither day nor night), but the plush is being announced on the same day a Rockruff ofcus episode is being released.
    Aww, that's a bummer. I'll talk to you if you want, but I'm just not usually the person who sends a message first, if that make sense. Feel free to send me a VM whenever you want and I'll reply!
    Yeah knowing TPC, they'll probably do that. I still enjoy the latest games though so it's not that important to me rn.
    Heh you're welcome. :)

    I'm okay. Been relaxing for about 3 weeks now. :3 You?
    thanks, i got the wanted statement from Sinnoh 3* a few days ago. so far the johto3* hasnt been offered to me in a long time but im still raising my plaza level. its lvl 452 atm, though im aiming for 500 then add 50 lvl increments to it.
    would you happen to have Johto 3* or Kanto 1* fortune tents on your moon copy? im trying to get 2 statements from the 2 tents.
    yep it showed up right away! as to why it needed to be a punk girl, she wanted to have all the people in her facility to be run by the punk girl. the team blue was the last one she needed. she really likes that character... lol XD
    okay i see you, thank you so much! if there is anything i can do you for please let me know! my sister is beyond thrilled! she wanted a punk girl for team blue but we both had sun so we couldn't get it. thank you so much again!
    that is so nice you, thank you! my fc is 2020 0420 9685 and my name in game is Akko. is all i have to do is add your fc and see you online in the guest list to get the blue dye house?
    i know what you mean. its taken me this long to get to lvl 415. i do hope to hit 450 but it depends on the plaza luck at this point and the missions. i might be able to get 999 but im not sold on USUM yet.
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