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Satoshi & Touko

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  • yeah i like that battle pose too, only figured out how to change it a few weeks ago. im still missing 2 poses but i hardly care about getting the stats to be able to get them.

    i had many more funny battle vids with that team as i saved all my wins but its been a while that SDF wall had its glory.
    lol, you did what? please elaborate. if its for the lvl 999 plaza rank then congrats to you.

    BTW do you want to see a funny battle vid?
    here are some cute pkmn wreaking havok on stronger opponents. i tried a small gimmick from a previous battle misclick (a good misclick) and was just messing around amusing them hassles and the cutest SDF wall won the battle. i did get some luck going my way too, Minun just happened to do the right thing at the right time. WLLG-WWWW-WWW7-HNG4
    Okay. I think Greymane is the best name. Just wish it sounded more Rocky. Lol!

    Yeah. I'll go with Greymane.
    Thanks for accepting! I'm new here and kinda bad at starting conversations so i'm just sending out friend requests lol ;w; how are you?
    Omg im sso stupidd...

    Just reqlised i still need the tapu legends and cosmog cosmoem... goshh haha if u can help again thats be great!! So sorry about this...
    Oh? Well now that you mention the type, "Rocky" could be a name. But that's kinda generic. Lol! Breymane! Nah. Hmm...Howler!
    Fun Fact. I don't read. Unless it happened to be something I was truly interested in. Only one series has done that. Wolves of the Beyond. But I have watched most of the Harry Potter movies.

    Hmm...how about Greymane or something?
    Hmm...maybe...Geez. Hard to come up with something that sounds good. All I have are "Jaws" and...that's it. Geez. Lupus this is hard.
    Lol. It's my own pun. I got a telegram group called "Namestorming". I would use "Fang", but that is sadly taken by my Salamence OC. I don't think I have an actual Salamence yet, but I hope to get one at some point.

    I think I want something Wolfy-ish. Lol
    Oh yay! Thanks! I honestly never expected to get a response so quickly. I got work tonight, and names can be hard to come up with these days. Wanna help namestorm?
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