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  • Good to see your project is still alive and kicking!!!

    I am excited :D I have been away from serebii and bmgf for a LONG while. Tumblr has become my permanent residence now.

    You know, I'll keep tabs from now on! But if I miss any updates you can always shoot me a message on my tumblr (you don't need an account for that)

    Hey!, I have been fine. I have kinda moved to tumblr hehe. I should check bmgf and sppf once in a while. Thanks for finding me tho!

    I'll make my comments over there!
    Time does fly in high school, well for the one year I've attended high school so far.
    Hehe, the Cake Song was catchy!
    I kinda feel happy for Homura at the end of Rebellion, because she seemed at peace with herself (after the credits), but I really feel sorry for Sayaka, since she'll forget everything slowly.
    I'm hoping for a continuation, but I don't think it'll happen.
    I'm still a Pokeshipper and Rocketshipper, although the hints are bare now (it kills me.)
    Don't worry about the late reply! I haven't had much time to go on this site- just saying.
    I'm turning 14 soon, so that's your answer.
    I've seen the Rebellion story. It was a nice twist. Homura being my favorite character, it took awhile to sink in with the ending and all, but I really liked what happened in the movie... ^-^
    I thought so, though I'll say right now that I'm not around your age, haha.
    Hakajin doesn't really go on this site much, anyways, how are you?
    No problem! You were from the previous Pokeshipping thread... right?
    You probably don't know me, but I'm in contact with Hakajin through fanfiction.net ^.^
    I like how the main point of your post is being ignored in the comments. I like how the Red supporter(s) was going crazy all over your comment section on half-serious, comedic comments.
    Hey Fang-tan, It's pockyaddict from bmgf. :)Just wanna say hi, I mostly post on bmgf because, i sorta don't like posting here for many reasons. I just have never been able to get used to this fourm.
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