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  • Oh, okay. Alright, that makes sense. I'll see what I can do.
    Anyway, I'm gonna be back in a bit. I need a shower. And a shave. I might be a while, actually... xD We can Skype afterwards, if you want.
    I'll try.
    What I really wanna do is play games for a living. You know, like all the famous YouTubers. I have the equipment and everything... I dunno, it just seems really stupid to a lot of people.
    That's just the way life is, I guess.
    Lucky you. I still have to go through Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years of high school, and then go to college. I'm not sure what I want to do though.
    Sounds like a lot to deal with. If it were me, I would've broke under the pressure.
    And I'm sorry about your grandmother. I lost my grandmother too, so I understand how you must have felt.

    Alright, well, around December my best friend (who lives in the UK) moves to a different house and they can't get internet installed for some stupid reason, so now I'm half way into the school year with no one to talk to and a biiiiiiiscuit ex-girlfriend who just LOVES to hold a grudge ruining my life. Zoom forward 4 months to late January/early February (I really don't remember), and I meet my girlfriend, who I've been dating for almost 6 Months now :)D). Now things are looking up for me, I'm doing good in school, I have a girlfriend, and my friend get's a phone that he can use to talk to me. And then... On April 14th(?)... my mom lands in the hospital. She had a virus or disease or something, I was never told anything :)/), called myocarditis, and she almost dies. Then my grades start to fall, I have a horrible recurring nightmare, and the tension with my dad starts to grow. I could go into so many details, it's not even funny, but I'll save it for some other time. Anyway, about a month later, my mom comes out of the hospital. Even now, she's still recovering a bit. Moving right along, I somehow manage to pass Freshman year, and now it's summer vacation, fun times, and then my friend gets internet back in his house, and then a few weeks ago I got to playtest a game that's coming out in a month. Pretty cool, if you ask me. But yeah, that's about it. Sorry for the wall of text.
    And we missed you too. :'D -emotional music plays in the background-

    I haven't really been up to much. Nothing really super-de-duper special. A lot has happened though, since the last time we talked. Not sure where to start. I guess I'll begin at September 20th, 2013 (last we talked). Prepare yourself.
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