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  • Hahahha that was a mean thing for your friend to do! But the wolves avenged the forest :p

    It might be good for you, but it tastes disgusting! XD
    Yes I definitely agree! So sweet :3

    Hehehe! ;D *pins you down and tickles*
    I eat my chocolate extremely quickly :p

    Awww cute :3
    I told you I have a German Shepherd! XD
    Yeah hahaha see, one of the problems with the game XD

    Oh definitely no pulp, I can't stand the pulp *shudders* I love pineapple :3

    *pulls you to the ground and tickles you* You owe me chocolate! ;)

    Awww awesome!
    Yeah exactly :D I feel like I'd get bored quickly haha.

    The hot water just wakes me up for some reason haha.
    Orange juice! I also love pineapple though <3

    *jaw drops* T-that was my chocolate :'(
    German Shepherd!! You?
    Hmmm maybe I'll have a go at Creative sometime then :)
    Multiplayer doesn't even work for me LOL.

    Hehe well I prefer juice! Showers normally help me wake up.

    Yayyy! *eats chocolate, and offers you one* Yes I love the cute fluffy ones :3 Awww so adorable.
    It really is! I love it, how you have to collect your own materials, all of it. Creative just seems too easier for me, like, there's no point XD

    Yeah I've heard of Starbucks, who hasn't! I don't really drink much coffee, but I'll give it a go :D

    Awwww *gives flowers* There you go! Oooooh puppies! So cute :3

    It really is! I love my time of sleep :D
    Oh definitely Survival!

    Well there are lots of places in America I want to go to, like San Francisco and NY. Italy just for the culture :D

    Nuuuuuuu! *hugs*
    Nahh I didn't either, I just slept in :p
    Yeah I play it heaps! Just single player though.

    I really do ;_; Maybe to America or Italy.
    Yeah it's XY! And its so good :3
    Thanks!!! Did you get a special gift? ;D
    (Oh wow that sucks D:)

    Hahaha good!
    I've been trying to send you messages on FB to say thanks for the picture but you don't reply :(

    Yeah! Hahahah XD Gotta love a bit of Minecraft :)


    It's really tiring, although the latest episode of XY was amazing. And Happy Valentines Day BTW!
    What about you?
    Give it a steak, and it'll turn into a cute little puppy! Hahaha XD

    Oh wowwww so lucky! That's some friend you've got there :D Don't worry, I tend to ramble a lot too, like this one time.... haha jk :p
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