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  • I want to see Misty interact with Lana and Lillie the most as well as more Brock and Lillie interactions ^^
    Hopefully well see her getting some focus on herself and more development. I mean its nice seeing older characters help new ones to evolve, but giving them 10 minutes of glory for themselves too would be very welcomed.
    Hi there; long time no see. How have you been. Yea I saw, im so glad were gonna see Brock,but especially MIsty again. Sun and Moon series have a lot of water area, first girl trainer of water pokemon in main cast since Misty, new way of increasing water pokemon power with Z rings. And Misty and Lana quickly found common ground in her first return.
    I'm considering to host an art contest (drawings) in the PokeShipping thread. But before actually doing that, I want to know whether people are interested or not, so I know whether it's worth it or not. The idea is having people post drawings and then having people vote to decide the winner. Would you be interested in participating? And would you be willing to vote?
    I don't have a Starmie figure...

    Gen 1 and Gen 2 are also my favourite generations. And I don't care about strentgh, cuteness is what matters to me.

    Thank you!

    If Misty would get a Tentacruel, this team would be possible for her. Do you like that?
    Thank you! I agree!

    Look, my top 4 Pokemon:
    1. Milotic / Bayleef
    2. Milotic / Bayleef
    3. Dragonair
    4. Altaria

    What's your top 4?

    And do you like this picture?

    I bought Togetic in a set with a Meganium, Misdreavus and Ho-Oh in a toy store in the Netherlands (the country where I live), and I bought the Tentacruel from a German Ebay seller.

    Also, I think Misty should get a Milotic. Do you agree?

    Do you like this picture?

    Thank you! Which one do you mean, the desert one or with the dress (in the VM before the one with the link to the desert drawing)?
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